Tips for renovating your home

Remodeling your home can be an exciting and frustrating process. Before the contractor leaves and you get ready to enjoy your new space, BBB recommends doing the final stages of the project. This is when the work is complete and you want to make sure that everything that was supposed to be done, was done.

Roseann Freitas, PR & Communications Manager of the Better Business Bureau, joined us on this morning’s Wake Up 2Day to discuss those final steps.

We asked Roseann “What do homeowners still need to do before their home remodeling project is considered completed?” She said to conduct a final walkthrough with the contractor, noting in writing issues that still need to be fixed. Collect and register any warranties on appliances or anything else that may have been installed. Test every system and appliance to be sure they are working properly. Be sure to complete all permits and inspections.

Question: “When those items are complete is there anything else left to do?”

You need to make the final payment, after the agreed-upon work has been completed and you both agree that it has been. You should also leave the contractor a review. People tend to leave bad reviews but if a company does well, leave them a good review. That will also help others looking for good contractors.

For more information on hiring a good contractor, as well as other good tips about this topic, be sure to go to the Better Business Bureau’s website at