Local workers offer tips on how to keep your home, business safe ahead of freezing weather

Local workers offer tips on how to keep your home, business safe ahead of freezing weather

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – With overnight temperatures expected to drop as low as 28°F in the Big Bend, one local plumber shared tips on how to keep your home and business pipes safe in the cold weather.

A pencil-sized stream of water should run on either an outdoor faucet or a sink inside of the home, according to Keith McNeill, CEO of Keith McNeill Plumbing.

“A lot of homes have the tankless water heaters hanging outside, so it’ll also be important to run the hot water faucet somewhere in the house at a pencil-size stream,” said McNeill. “But, not enough flow to turn the hot water on.”

For residents who work outside, Leon County Emergency Management Director Kevin Peters recommends taking frequent breaks inside to warm up and avoid hypothermia.

Peters also said you have to stay hydrated, even in cold temperatures.

“We’re going to have very dry air,” Peters said. “You may think of dehydration with the heat, but certainly, the dry air will dry you out.”

For people using space heaters, Peters reminds everyone to exercise extreme caution. Keep the heaters away from children, pets and flammable objects.

Residents should also make sure they have enough ventilation for the heaters inside their homes, he said. Peters suggests using a carbon monoxide detector and ensuring the batteries work.

Carbon monoxide is virtually undetectable, as it can’t be seen or smelled. So having a working detector can save lives, Peters said.

Pets are just as important during the cold temperatures. Peters said to immediately wipe off their paws after furry friends venture outside, reminding residents that pets can also catch cold-weather illnesses. It’s also important to be mindful of how much food they need, because pets are often using more energy to keep themselves warm.

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