Ask anyone who is ever rented a commercial space, and they will tell you that the rent is one of the biggest overheads that they have for their entire business – next to staff. When you’re hiring a traditional office space, you can’t just pay on a month to month basis and then leave if the business doesn’t work out. When renting a commercial property you are usually signed up to a commitment to a fixed term of at least three years, potentially even five! In addition to this time commitment, you need to make sure that you buy all of the comms equipment, furniture, and branding and signage for the property. As you can imagine this is a huge expense. So for a struggling startup, how do you get the right kind of aesthetic your business, without the expense of an office?

The answer – a serviced office. Now, you might say – “I don’t need a serviced office” – but that would be a mistake if you are hoping to make a good impression with your business! Because a serviced office is basically a PAYG space, they often come with other benefits that make them a worthwhile investment.

Short Term Lease

Many businesses that rent out a serviced office are looking for a short term lease. While it may be slightly more expensive initially, your contract may come with services and facilities which gives your business more freedom if things don’t work out!

Access to full-service facilities

When renting a serviced office space, you are only ever going to pay for what you need to use. On top of the physical space of the office that you actually use, the services and communications facilities like photocopiers, boardrooms, and even potentially some staff, are available on an ad hoc basis. An example of this is if you have a meeting with an important client, and need to use the boardroom, you can hire it on a per hour basis. This is as opposed to paying for a boardroom for a whole week only to have it lie empty for most of the time. Wasted money!

You can try out a new market easily and without risk

When you are expanding your business, it’s helpful to be able to split test the messaging that you are sending in order to ensure that you are getting across to the right market. If your business is expanding and you aren’t sure which city will work out best, then you can test both or several locations with actual offices in those places, and then base your final decision on the actual outcome (not speculation).

No downtime

When moving into a new office, one of the biggest bugbears for many businesses is that there is some downtime involved with moving from one premise to another. When using a serviced office, though, this downtime disappears. The flexible and adaptive nature of a serviced office means that you can take your laptop and your team and be ready to go from the moment you walk through the door. This is hugely helpful for businesses that need to be very reflexive and adapt quickly.

When you think about it, there are a lot of perks that come with using a serviced office! The range of benefits includes money saved, flexibility, adaptiveness, and the fact that you present a professional front to potential new clients. Invaluable benefits for a growing business. If you are after the very best in serviced offices, Click Here to discover what Servcorp can offer you – both in New Zealand and around the world. With offices in 22 countries worldwide you can hit the ground running with Servcorp.