Harnessing AI for Deeper Insights and Stronger Security in Data Analytics

Harnessing AI for Deeper Insights and Stronger Security in Data Analytics

At Domo, we’ve embraced AI not as an add-on but as a core component of our platform that’s democratizing data. Our goal is to create a dialogue where data literally speaks to decision-makers—and AI-infused BI is where those conversations happen.  

In our recent webinar, AI-Infused BI: Transforming Data Insights and Empowering Citizen Data Scientists, we explore how this vision is playing out today—while offering clarity that helps cut through the industry buzz. Boris Evelson, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, and our own AI architect, Joseph Clark, peeled back the layers of AI’s potential in BI. Here, we’re recapping highlights from their conversation.


Insight #1: AI-infused BI needs a responsible foundation 

We believe AI will be a transformative force in BI, reshaping how we experience and engage with data. Domo’s vision for AI is creating spaces within our tools where innovation flourishes and security is never compromised. Our approach is holistic—focusing on integrating powerful AI tools responsibly within the business framework, ensuring every data interaction is personalized and secure. 

From his four-decade vantage point, Evelson said that while strategy, people, process, and data remain constant, technology changes—and AI is one such innovation we can’t ignore.  


Insight #2: Conversational AI will turn data into dialogue 

Evelson and Clark also covered conversational AI, the type of AI that simulates human conversation. Think about ChatGPT, where you can ask a question in your own words, and the AI responds with answers in kind. AI-infused BI can offer a similarly engaging, natural experience—but the dialogue happens with your data. For instance, you can ask a question such as “How many units sold last week?” and get an answer in seconds, without having to dig through your data. 

As Clark pointed out, conversational AI could be as revolutionary as the touchscreen was to computing—an organic evolution that empowers people, enhances productivity, and addresses knowledge gaps. Imagine asking your BI platform about sales trends and receiving an articulate, data-backed narrative in return—this is the future Domo is sculpting. 


Insight #3: AI may hallucinate—but the right platform can mitigate these risks 

The term “hallucination” in AI parlance refers to false or misleading outputs. Obviously, this is a significant concern for enterprises, and these fears are keeping many from harnessing the power of AI even in secure ways. 

Domo’s AI Service Layer is meticulously designed to mitigate these risks, ensuring that every insight is rooted in verified data and that each response is scrutinized for its accuracy. Our builders’ approach isn’t just about encryption and firewalls; it’s about creating an environment where your data can thrive without exposure to external risks. 


Insight #4: Security and governance are empowering 

Clark highlighted the paramount importance of security and governance. Domo’s AI Service Layer is a fortress, safeguarding your data while enabling AI’s potential. We ensure the models you choose are the right fit for your tasks and that your data never ventures into territory that isn’t secure. 


The AI conversation continues—check out the full webinar 

As Evelson and Clark explored, the so-called AI-powered BI revolution promises a future at work where insights are more intuitive, decisions are more data-driven, and businesses are more agile. These are just a handful of their many insights.