Timely: Revolutionize your time tracking with AI-powered automation

Timely: Revolutionize your time tracking with AI-powered automation

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Timely: Revolutionize your time tracking with AI-powered automation

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Timely is an AI-powered automatic time tracking software that aims to simplify and automate the time tracking process for individuals and teams. With Timely, users can track their time spent in every web and desktop app automatically, without the need for timers, note taking, or manual input. The software provides a precise daily record of the time spent in documents, meetings, emails, websites, and video calls, all without any effort on the user’s part.

One of the main features of Timely is its ability to track time, projects, teams, and plans. Users can get a complete picture of their work day and monitor budgets, hours, and activities in real time. For team leaders, Timely offers a comprehensive overview of their team’s time, allowing for better resource allocation and project management. Additionally, Timely provides a real-time feedback loop of how plans actually unfold, giving users insights into how their projects are progressing.

Timely’s automatic time tracking and simple user interface have helped other companies reduce timesheet administration by 75%, saving hours of manual work. By capturing every second of their work day, users can ensure that no billable time falls through the cracks. This allows for transparent reporting and invoicing to clients, as well as the use of accurate company time data to improve project rates and budgets.

One of the unique aspects of Timely is its focus on empowering individuals. The software boasts a gorgeous design, intuitive controls, and a strong commitment to protecting individual privacy. This makes it a time tracking tool that people actually enjoy using.

Furthermore, Timely offers native integrations and open APIs, allowing users to connect their existing digital toolkit and easily transfer data across platforms. With Timely, users can enjoy automatic time tracking without having to change the workflows they have become accustomed to.

Timely – Features

  • AI-powered automatic time tracking
  • Automation of time tracking for web and desktop apps
  • Precise daily record of time spent in various activities
  • Real-time monitoring of budgets, hours, and activities for projects
  • Complete overview of team’s time
  • Real-time feedback loop for tracking plans
  • Reduction of timesheet admin by 75%
  • Capture every billable detail for accurate reporting and invoicing

Timely – Pricing

Starter plan: $9/mo, billed yearly. Premium plan: $16/mo, billed yearly. Unlimited plan: $22/mo, billed yearly. Add-ons available, such as Tasks for an additional $5 per person. Savings of up to 22% on all plans.

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