This Was the Most Popular Barbie Doll The Year You Were Born

This Was the Most Popular Barbie Doll The Year You Were Born
most popular barbie doll the year you were born

What Barbie Looked Like The Year You Were BornBarbie

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Life in plastic is fantastic, and Barbie has been making life look effortless since 1959. With the release of Barbie, the highly anticipated movie featuring Margot Robbie in the iconic role—and the Barbiecore phenomenon, featuring home décor and wardrobes in Barbie’s signature pink—the doll is only getting more popular in her sixties.

While she always looks great in pink, Barbie’s look has evolved over the years: From ’60s eyeliner to ’80s hair, she’s tried virtually every trend each decade has had to offer. She’s also taken on a ton of different careers and adapted to make the world of Barbie more inclusive and diverse over the years.

The “Totally Hair Barbie” from 1992 featured the longest tresses ever and still stands as the best-selling Barbie doll to date — but even if you weren’t born that year, maybe you were lucky enough to have a birth year that honored one of Barbie’s other major milestones or most legendary looks. In honor of our favorite doll and her fab friends, we’re taking a trip down toy memory lane and highlighting the new (and thus, usually the most popular) Barbie that hit the scene each year since 1959.


Barbie makes her official debut as “Teenage Fashion Barbie,” in a fabulous one-piece.

clothing, doll, barbie, toy, monokini, joint, mannequin, fashion design, waist,

Barbie Media


Accessorized with a sassy hat and her portfolio, “Fashion Designer Barbie” sashays onto the scene.

Clothing, Pencil skirt, Pink, Magenta, Standing, Fashion, Dress, Waist, Sleeve, Fashion model,

Barbie Media


With her strapless black dress and long gloves, “Barbie Solo In The Spotlight” becomes one of the more glamorous dolls ever.

White, Clothing, Dress, Gown, Fashion, Doll, Shoulder, Joint, Glove, Costume,

Barbie Media


“Barbie Red Flair” debuts a new hairdo: an on-trend bubble style with volume that’ll rival her later ’80s looks.

red flare barbie

Mattel, Inc.


In her “Career Girl” look, Barbie gets ready to stylishly take on office life. Back then, there were no casual Fridays, let alone casual any-days.

White, Clothing, Suit, Fashion, Sleeve, Dress, Formal wear, Costume, Waist, Headgear,

Barbie Media


Barbie proves that a little black dress is timeless in this “Evening Wear” ensemble, accompanied by an equally formal Ken.

1964 Barbie

Express Newspapers – Getty Images


Though she’ll have many, many, many careers over the years, the most out-of-this-world one was her stint as “Astronaut Barbie.”

barbie a cultural icon exhibition media and vip night

Gabe Ginsberg – Getty Images


“Color Magic Barbie” takes to the beach and beyond in a fashionable romper with bold hues.

Doll, Barbie, Toy, Clothing, Wig, Fashion design, Fictional character,



Like many other women during this decade, “Barbie Twist ‘n Turn” experiments with bangs.

doll, hair, barbie, toy, pink, wig, clothing, hairstyle, skin, blond,

Mattel, Inc.


“Talking Barbie” practically comes to life, thanks to a string in the back that, once pulled, prompts her to speak.

clothing, barbie, pink, doll, toy, costume, fashion design, magenta,

Mattel, Inc.

Also 1968

Meet Barbie’s new friend — and one of the first Black dolls — Christie, who wears a cover-up in a very-’60s swirling print.

clothing, fashion, yellow, purple, costume, fashion illustration, wig, fashion design, black hair, outerwear,

Mattel, Inc.


Another Barbie joins the “Twist ‘n Turn” series, this time with a perfect hair flip.

doll, clothing, barbie,

Mattel, Inc.


This is the year of the beachy doll we all know and love: “Malibu Barbie.”

Doll, Barbie, Clothing, Toy, Blond, Joint, Shoulder, Long hair, Dress, Human leg,

Barbie Media


Barbie’s fashion-forward friend “Smashin’ Satin Francine” stuns in bold shorts and a hair flip.

1972 Francie

The Barbie Collection


“Surgeon Barbie” does her rounds, adding doctor to her ever-growing resume.

Clothing, Turquoise, Outerwear, Dress, Coat, Sleeve, Hood, Trench coat, Raincoat, Jacket,

Barbie Media


Though we’re surprised it took this long, Barbie takes the crown as “Miss America.”

white, dress, clothing, gown, figurine, pink, formal wear, fashion, bridal party dress, bride,

Mattel, Inc.


It’s time to hit the slopes! “Olympic Skier Barbie” makes cold-weather gear look fabulous in a way only she can.

barbie skiing

Mattel, Inc.


Dressed in a white bodysuit and tutu accented with a red ribbon, “Ballerina Barbie” becomes the inspiration for many a ballet class.

ballerina barbie 1976

Mattel, Inc.


Though she’s been a model in every decade, the 1977 “Fashion Model Barbie” is a favorite for her colorful ensemble.

Doll, Hair, Barbie, Toy, Clothing, Blond, Pink, Dress, Long hair, Gown,

Barbie Media


1977’s “Superstar Barbie” gets a partner in 1978’s velvet-and-satin-clad Ken.

Doll, Barbie, Toy, Clothing, Pink, Blond, Costume, Jeans, Electric blue, Formal wear,

Barbie Media


In the couple’s off-time in 1979, they can be found at the beach in matching bathing suits.

Human, Leg, Blue, Skin, Human body, Human leg, Shoulder, Waist, Standing, Joint,

Barbie Media


The first Black Barbie ushered in the glamorous ’80s with a bold red dress with cut-out sleeves.

barbie 1980

Mattel, Inc.


“Golden Dream Barbie” goes in a very metallic direction, with an ensemble that brings together a strapless jumpsuit, opera-length globes, a sheer capelet and a sheer overskirt.

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golden dream barbie doll

Mattel, Inc.


Puffy ’80s sleeves accent the gown of “Loving You Barbie.”

1983 Barbie

SSPL – Getty Images


“Dream Date Barbie” meets her match in a tuxedo-ed Ken. (Check out the contrast pants!)

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Barbie Media


“Day-to-Night CEO Barbie” has a practical outfit plan to get her from the office to an evening date in no time: It’s all about layers — and jaunty hats.

Clothing, Pink, Barbie, Costume, Magenta, Costume accessory, Doll, Uniform, Toy,

Barbie Media


Barbie debuts her new band, “Barbie and the Rockers,” and arguably her most ’80s look yet. From the big hair and the shoulder pads to the wide belt and the slouchy boots, she is wearing all the trends.

rocker barbie

Mattel, Inc.


“Fashion Magic Barbie” is living her best life in an outfit that is very familiar to anyone who lived through the ’80s.

Doll, Toy, Pink, Barbie, Blond, Footwear, Joint, Wig, Costume, Action figure,

Barbie Media


“Super Star Barbie” says goodbye to the ’80s in a big way, with the most voluminous hair we’ve seen yet, sequins, sparkles, tulle AND a faux fur wrap.

1989 Barbie

Andrew Stawicki – Getty Images


The ’90s brings new designer collaborations to the Barbie world, like this Bob Mackie creation.

Doll, Angel, Costume design, Costume accessory, Wig, Supernatural creature, Fictional character, Costume, Barbie, Long hair,

Barbie Media


The designer collaborations don’t put a stop to Barbie’s impressive resume-building. This year, she’s an Air Force pilot.

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Standing, Airplane, Vehicle, Aircraft, Aerospace engineering, Suit, Jacket,

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“Totally Hair Barbie” lets little hands get extra-creative with hairstyling. Not only did she have extra-long hair, but she also came with a tube of Dep styling gel! Perhaps this is why she became the best-selling Barbie in Mattel history.

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totally hair barbie doll

Mattel, Inc.


Following up her turn as a pilot, Barbie decides to try out being a police officer.

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police officer barbie

Mattel, Inc.


Not one to shy away from a new hobby, “Scuba Barbie” explores the depths of the ocean.

Beauty, Pink, Leg, Photo shoot, Fictional character, Photography, Plant, Underwater, Fawn, Fetish model,

Barbie Media


After helping out her community’s police department, “Firefighter Barbie” joins the firehouse.

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Yellow, Doll, Toy, Barbie, Costume,

Yellow, Doll, Toy, Barbie, Costume,


“Gymnast Barbie” effortlessly takes the gold in a very patriotic ensemble.

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gymnast barbie

Mattel, Inc.


Enviably full hair and blue heels add style to “Dentist Barbie’s” work ensemble.

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dentist barbie

Mattel, Inc.


“Lead Singer Barbie” puts a ’90s spin on her rock-and-roll look, with a high-necked, mesh-sleeved mini dress and thigh-high boots.

rocker barbie

Mattel, Inc.


“Working Woman Barbie” climbs the corporate ladder with a mobile phone, an overflowing workbag, a pencil skirt and a long jacket.

working woman barbie doll

Mattel, Inc.


With very camera-ready hair and an outfit that completely matches from head to toe, Barbie throws her hat into the ring as a presidential candidate.

clothing, blue, barbie, doll, standing, electric blue, cobalt blue, toy, outerwear, sleeve,

Mattel, Inc.


“Olympic Swimmer Barbie” takes to the podium with a sleek bob, warm-up jacket and, of course, the gold.

Clothing, Uniform, Flight attendant, Fashion design, Gesture, Costume,

Barbie Media


“Art Teacher Barbie” brings a creative sense of style to the classroom, with a brightly patterned skirt, fun scarf and a bright red belt that matches her shoes.

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Room, Child art, Barbie, Toy, Art, Fashion design, Illustration, Visual arts, Interior design, Child,

Barbie Media


Another designer collaboration out of many, “Kate Spade Barbie” has an enviable wardrobe and adorable accessories (including a sweet little pooch).

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clothing, pink, white, magenta, dress, yellow, fashion, street fashion, tights, shoulder,

Mattel, Inc.


Barbie’s 2004 turn as a presidential candidate sees her opt for a bright pantsuit instead of the skirt suit she wore in 2000.

clothing, red, standing, waist, trousers, outerwear, jeans, overall, gospel music, barbie,

Mattel, Inc.


“Producer Barbie” is all edge, with a dramatic ‘do and an olive-hued outfit that means business.

Clothing, Coat, Outerwear, Fashion, Trench coat, Joint, Doll, Fashion design, Costume, Toy,

Barbie Media


Like the ’70s ballerina look, ’00s “Ballerina Barbie” wears a tutu and pointe shoes — but in her signature pink, of course.

Doll, Clothing, Dress, Pink, Barbie, Toy, Ballet tutu, Lilac, Ballet dancer, Costume,

Barbie Media


“Chef Barbie” wears a bright tee and apron that will pop on camera.

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lip, hairstyle, doll, toy, magenta, pink, barbie, style, wig, purple,

Barbie Media


“Soccer Coach Barbie” looks sporty and stylish as she takes to the field with her adorable team.

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Barbie Media


Barbie goes back to the hospital for work, but this time, she’s a doctor specializing in the care of newborns.

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Mattel, Inc.


Barbie joins the tech revolution as a computer engineer, complete with a themed shirt.

sleeve, textile, pink, style, magenta, waist, street fashion, goggles, blond, sunglasses,

Mattel, Inc.


Perhaps inspired by decades of various Dream Houses, “Architect Barbie” establishes her own practice.

barbie, clothing, doll, toy, pink, costume, magenta, fashion design, black hair, uniform,

Mattel, Inc.


Proving her eye for design isn’t limited to homes and buildings, “I Can Be a Fashion Designer Barbie” starts her own line of clothing.

barbie fashion designer

Mattel, Inc.


In a clever throwback to her astronaut days, “I Can Be a Mars Explorer Barbie” takes us to a whole new planet.

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doll, pink, toy, child, astronaut, toddler, costume, barbie,

Mattel, Inc.


Barbie takes her startup to the next level as “Entrepreneur Barbie,” accessorized with an always-in-reach smartphone and a bag for her business plans.

barbie, doll, clothing, pink, toy, fashion, dress, magenta, blond, waist,

Mattel, Inc.


2015 was an exciting year for Barbies, with the debut of FindYourStyle — a line that features a diverse array of dolls in on-trend outfits.

Clothing, Barbie, Fashion, Doll, Fashion design, Pink, Fashion model, Dress, Fun, Footwear,

Barbie Media


This year is even better, with the Fashionistas line that offers a variety of body types (and more outfits) to choose from.

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Clothing, Doll, Toy, Barbie, Fashion, Pink, Waist, Dress, Yellow, Jeans,

Barbie Media


The Fashionista line expands to Ken dolls, with an array of different boyfriends for Barbie to choose from.

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people, fashion, social group, youth, fashion design, barbie, fun, footwear, event, doll,

Mattel, Inc.


Barbie celebrates icons with the “Inspiring Women” line, which includes Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart and Katherine Johnson.

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barbie inspiring women

Mattel, Inc.


This is the year the “Role Model” line expanded to be even more inclusive, featuring a doll with a prosthetic leg and a doll with a wheelchair.

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barbie role models

Mattel, Inc.


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Barbie started the #ThankYouHeroes campaign, where the company highlighted its career doll line. For each doll sold, they donated a doll to the family of essential frontline workers.

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first responder barbie

Mattel, Inc.


Barbie’s Career of the Year as a music producer gave her some fashionable DJ vibes with colorful hair.

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music producer

Mattel, Inc.


In honor of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, this very stately collectible was released.

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queen elizabeth barbie

Mattel, Inc.


The year of the Barbie movie, of course, features the doll modeled after the perfectly cast Margot Robbie — in a signature pink gingham dress, naturally.

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barbie the movie

Mattel, Inc.

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