The Best Office Supply of 2022

The Best Office Supply of 2022

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Essentials to my office

Essentials to my office

Having the right pens, paper, and other supplies to keep an office functioning smoothly is extremely crucial for any kind of professional business. Not only can they make work or school a lot more comfortable, but they can also improve your overall productivity. From pens and notepads to planners and erasers, there’s a wide range of office supplies available on the market. But, with thousands of options to choose from, it can be difficult to successfully purchase the optimal products for your needs?

Well, don’t fret — in this detailed guide, we review some of the top office supplies of 2022 and their key features. We also cover important buying tips and factors to consider when choosing the right supplies, so you’ll easily be able to make an informed and confident decision. Let’s dive right in and get your workspace restocked today!

Top Picks

Best overall: Sharpie Gel Pen

Gel pen with no smear, no bleed technology

Gel pen with no smear, no bleed technology

Anyone taking notes or filling out forms should have at least one pack of the all-mighty Sharpie Gel Pen. With a 4.7-star rating and over 45,000 reviews, this is undoubtedly one of the highest-rated office supplies available. Each pen delivers always-vivid writing with no smearing or bleeding whatsoever. On top of its functionality, this pen is pretty stylish as well — it boasts a sleek, eye-catching look that adds elegance and professionalism to your office space. The contoured rubber grip ensures a comfortable grip for those long note-taking and writing sessions. All you have to do is select the one that’s most suitable for your needs and decide how many to buy. Thanks to its top-quality performance, this specific office pen stands out as the best available option currently.

Key Features:

  • Each gel pen contains black ink

  • Available in quantities of four, 12 and 36

  • Contoured rubber grip

  • Comes in medium point (0.7mm)

Best notepad: AmazonBasics Writing Note Pads

Ideal for use in offices, schools, businesses, homes and more

Ideal for use in offices, schools, businesses, homes and more

Even though so many writing tasks in daily life have shifted to the impressive capabilities of smartphones and computers, sometimes you just need to quickly jot down a name or number on a piece of paper. The Amazon Basics legal, wide-ruled writing pad is a total must-have for any office. It’s available in two different colors, including white and canary — both of them are equally useful, so choose the most suitable for your requirements. We cannot talk about this notepad without mentioning its perforated top that ensures seamless removal of sheets. With this feature, you can easily tear a sheet of notes out without any tears or rips. This option also has a reliable cardboard backing that will provide you with a convenient writing surface no matter where you are.

Key Features:

  • Wide-ruled design for larger handwriting

  • Set of twelve 50-sheet notepads

  • Available in 8.5 x 11.75-inch or 5 x 8-inch sizes

Best sticky notes: Vanpad Self-Stick Pads

Strong adhesive, make sure sticky notes don't fall off, and removes cleanly as well

Strong adhesive, make sure sticky notes don’t fall off, and removes cleanly as well

This pick allows you to make quick notes and stick them to any kind of surface for easy viewing, including on the computer, wall, refrigerator, whiteboard, and nearly any other surface you could think of. But you might wonder, how long will they stay there? Well, don’t worry, these pads have a strong adhesive on the backside, so they won’t fall off and lead to missed communications. And, they won’t leave unwanted marks or residue upon removal. On top of everything, these sticky notes do not tear apart or curl up like most regular models on the market. And, if that wasn’t enough, then you would love the fact that they are available in a range of bright colors, including red, orange, pink, yellow, blue, light blue, green, and purple. With these eye-catching colors, your messages won’t go unnoticed.

Key Features:

  • Length and width of 3 x 3 inches

  • Comes in a set of eight 82-sheet pads

  • Includes eight bright colors

  • Made with first-grade quality paper

Best scissors: iBayam Multipurpose Scissors

Great for cutting burlap, paper, card stock, cardboard, wrapping paper, light line, fabric, tape, photos, coupons, and opening boxes & packaging

Great for cutting burlap, paper, card stock, cardboard, wrapping paper, light line, fabric, tape, photos, coupons, and opening boxes & packaging

With the assistance of this product from iBayam, you will be able to cut through various materials, including burlap, card stock, photos, wrapping paper, cardboard, tape, and more. Just position them properly and cut along your intended line — it’s as simple as that. Thanks to their ultra-sharp edges, these scissors are certainly one of the most accurate models on the market. They deliver precise cuts with exceptional control. Plus, the soft-grip rubber handles make the entire process a lot more comfortable as well, so these are especially perfect for teachers and crafters doing lots of cutting. Most importantly, these scissors can be used right or left-handed — making them a perfect fit for any professional.

Key Features:

  • Made from sharp and durable stainless steel

  • Each set contains three pairs

  • Available in five color options

Best document folder: Pendaflex File Folders

A light interior is easy to label with an ordinary pen, easier to read and prevents accidental misfiles between folders

A light interior is easy to label with an ordinary pen, easier to read and prevents accidental misfiles between folders

Every office deals with important papers and documents — and the best way to ensure they’re all organized is by using specific folders. This final product is a cost-effective and safe solution to your filing needs. Each pack of folders comes in a range of colors to ensure easy and quick document retrievals and prevent accidental misfiling. Additionally, this specific file folder is two-toned and the cascading tabs can be written on with a pen — so no need for a fancy label maker to keep your documents organized and easily readable.

Key Features:

  • Comes with 36 letter-size folders per pack

  • Available in two color options

  • Features designated space for labels

Buyer’s guide: Finding your optimal office supplies

Choosing the right office supplies for your work or study needs can be tricky, especially when there are so many types to sort through. To help, we provide all the information and tips you need to invest in the best supplies for your office.

Why are office supplies so important?

No business can run efficiently without the necessary office supplies. They are a stable among all sorts of professionals, including teachers and professors, lawyers, health care providers, writers, and many more. No matter what kind of work you do, at some point you need to jot down notes.

Apart from ensuring productivity, they also present a more professional appearance to all your clients. When a client walks in and sees that there are a whole variety of supplies in every part of the office, they gain a lot more confidence in your company and the work you do.

On top of that, office supplies can have a big impact on your coworkers or employees as well. They can boost morale and increase their overall productivity.

What to consider when shopping for office supplies?

Now that you understand why office supplies are essential, let’s discuss the factors that you should take into consideration before making the final decision.

Right fit

You will need to make a shortlist of all the stuff your office really needs. Down below, you will find some of the most crucial supplies that may be useful in completing your work or studies and organizing your space:


Office supplies can be made from a wide array of materials, such as plastic, paper, and rubber. Be sure that you choose products that have strong construction and feature high-quality workmanship and design. Typically, you will be able to find this particular information in the product description.


As the popular saying goes — first impressions matter. Buying stylish yet practical office supplies with bright colors can give customers and clients the impression that you are highly organized and serious about your work. They may help motivate you and others in the office space, too.

How did we select the top office supplies for this list?

After a considerable amount of time and research, we managed to find some of the most crucial and useful office supplies for your work and study needs. Here are some of the criteria that we focused on throughout our evaluation procedure — some of which might be useful in your own shopping:

  • Customer feedback: By considering ratings and carefully reading many reviews, we were able to see what customers had to say about each specific office supply.

  • Application and efficiency: We only included office supplies that could significantly improve the productivity and function of your business.

  • Brand trustworthiness: There are hundreds (if not thousands) of manufacturers on the marketplace, but we only featured products from authentic and reliable brands.

Helpful tips for purchasing office supplies

Now that you know a lot about office supplies, let’s have a look at some of the most helpful tips that you should know before restocking your supplies.

Track your inventory

Have you ever entered your bathroom and found out you’ve run out of hand soap? Disappointing and inconvenient, right? That is often the case when office supplies run out. Imagine you’re in the middle of an important phone call and you suddenly realize that your pen is out of ink, and you can’t find a spare one — so you won’t be able to write down a key piece of information. To avoid these kinds of situations, we advise that you keep track of your inventory and purchase the right volume at the right time.

Buy online

When you enter a store, chances are you won’t be able to find every item you’re looking for. If you want to save time and money while avoiding traveling from store to store, shopping for all the essential products online is a painless solution.

When you shop online, you can conveniently choose every item that you need from the comfort of your home without breaking a sweat. This can also help you get office supplies at the most reasonable rates possible.

One of the best places for shopping online is Amazon, which frequently offers great deals and discounts, especially when buying in bulk. You can also take a look at other online marketplaces or local business websites as well. Just make sure that they have verified badges and are trustworthy.

Choose quality over quantity

We understand that you might be inclined to prioritize quantity over quality when it comes to stocking up on office supplies. But remember — you shouldn’t sacrifice the overall quality of the product just to save a few bucks. Instead, prioritize high-quality supplies that will deliver the best outputs for a prolonged period of time.

Bulk purchase

Generally, goods are a lot cheaper when you purchase them in bulk. The same is true for most office supplies. For instance, instead of buying notepads in 10 packs, consider purchasing them in 30-40 packs. That way, you’ll likely buy your office supplies a lot cheaper than before and not have to reorder nearly as soon.

Ask your employees

When shopping for office supplies for a company or business, it’s important to consult your employees and find out the items they need in their various departments. This can ensure that you buy supplies that are the right fit for the work. Additionally, get a rough estimate of the number of items they use monthly or bimonthly. This information will help you buy the right quantities and prepare for future orders.

Review each option

Before you click on the “purchase” button, make sure that you carefully review each option and confirm that there isn’t anything missing from your cart. This can certainly save you a bunch of money and time as well since some coupons or discounts are more cost-effective the more you buy at once.

People also asked

Q: Do I need first aid supplies in the office?

A: Unfortunately, accidents can happen everywhere, including offices, and you always want to be prepared. It’s best to have a professional first aid kit with sufficient medical supplies around the office in case of an emergency.

Q: Should I limit access to office supplies?

A: Whether or not you limit access to office supplies depends on the type of work your business does and the trust between you and your employees or coworkers. By establishing a limit, your employees may be a lot more cautious with their available supplies, but they could also feel defensive and pressured. We recommend at least having a log or other method to keep track of how many office supplies are used by each person or department, which will also help you know how often you should restock.

Q: Should I buy every specific type of office supply for my business?

A: Frankly, most office supplies are necessary and deliver some kind of value to the business operation. But if you want to reduce the number of office supplies you buy, you’ll have to sacrifice items that aren’t as essential or invest in supplies that are multifunctional and multipurpose.

Q: Can I use office supplies at my home too?

A: Yes, even though they are named “office supplies,” you can use them anywhere you work or study, including your home.