Telling the Stories of Faith and the Faithful

Telling the Stories of Faith and the Faithful

In this one-day workshop, working journalists who want to improve and enhance their coverage and understanding of faith and faith communities will convene with experts and peers.

During a daylong series of speakers, panels and peer work, participants will:

  • Learn where and how to find faith communities in their coverage area.
  • Find connections within those communities to their leaders and citizens.
  • Learn how to build source lists and create relationships before news breaks.
  • Be encouraged to think through how people of faith (whether religious leaders or believers) can be incorporated into everyday stories.
  • Engage in conversation about how news stories centered on faith elements might be pitched for visibility.
  • Learn how to find experts who can speak on complex faith topics.
  • Understand the role of faith coverage to stakeholders, or those directly affected by your coverage, whether they are authorities or experts because of their lived experiences.
  • How to build a contact list that works to get the people you need, the best way to use it, and how to utilize it to open doors for your coverage.
  • What to focus on when reporting on faith and religion, especially considering the changing religious landscape.
  • Take away helpful lessons from current coverage of antisemitism, Islam, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other current examples.


If you need assistance, email us at [email protected].

This program is designed for working journalists — not just religion reporters, but writers, editors, photographers, videographers, producers and others who want a deeper understanding of how faith is among the most important forces shaping our communities. This event is designed to help journalists on day-to-day beats consider ways in which sources from faith communities can enhance, contextualize and ground their reporting on a variety of issues.

You should apply if you are curious about faith communities, interested in deepening your coverage no matter your beat.