October Product Update – Nextiva Blog

October Product Update – Nextiva Blog

Admin: Expanded options for viewing user data

Now admins can display more relevant data on the user page (5 columns vs. 3). Admins can also sort and filter any column to quickly find what they need.

Sort and filter users by clicking on the topic at the top of the column (name, team, role, status, etc.). Customize and choose up to five topics to display by selecting the gear icon to the right.

Admin: Bulk send activation email

Want to add new users but delay sending users their activation email until training day?

Admins can upload new users but opt to bulk send the users’ welcome email when the time is right.

Admin: Device Management supports more devices

Device management allows admins the freedom to control devices right in NextOS. Find a full list of supported devices here, but here are the latest additions: 

  • Yealink T54W
  • Poly Edge E220
  • Poly Edge E300
  • Poly Edge E350
  • Poly Edge E550

Events: Chat with a product expert

Join a live webinar and ask questions via chat.

Popular webinars:

  • Mobile/Desktop app walkthrough
  • Training on specific phone models
  • Voice Analytics how-to 
  • Call center deep dive
  • Register now

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