No surprises – Bluewire Media

No surprises – Bluewire Media
I ran a poll and there were no surprises about what type of content is your favourite to create.
It’s where we feel most safe and comfortable!

I am the same and gravitate to this TEACH quadrant too.

Just remember, if we only publish “teach” content, people might think we know what we’re talking about but we are leaving a lot on the table…

  • we don’t give them a chance to get to know us
  • we deprive them of a chance to like us!
  • and we inadvertantly position ourselves in the “free education” category which isn’t exactly great for revenue — especially when there are literally millions of other free education options on YouTube and Google.

For a well-rounded content plan, we need more than just “TEACH”

  • We need “SHARE” content so people can build a personal connection with us (and like us).
  • We need “SHOW” content so people know our stuff works and gets results.
  • We need “OFFERS” so people can take the next step with us.
If you’re ready to get serious about your content strategy in 2024, please message me and say CONTENT.
I’ll show you how my coaching clients map out their 2024 content and create 12 months’ worth of content effortlessly.


PS. When you’re ready, here are 6 ways we help consultants & advisors grow:

1. Web Strategy Planning Template (PDF). Our flagship 1-page tool we co-created with David Meerman Scott. It’s been downloaded over 1 million times and featured on Forbes.

2. Read a free chapter from our book. Web Marketing That Works — an Amazon #1 best seller.

3. Join the private group on Facebook. Access free training resources, and hang out with 2,300+ peers.

4. Discover your marketing score. Take the 40 point Marketing Scorecard (in < 6mins) and get a customised report.

5. DIY with the 50+ Script Library. It’s for connecting with new people and nurturing them into high-value clients.

6. Let’s brainstorm how to fill your marketing funnel. DM the word “INTERESTED” via Messenger or book a 20 min slot to talk on Zoom.

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Content Marketing Sales Funnel

Your content marketing sales funnel is all about getting people to know, like and trust you by nurturing them with the right information at the right time.

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