Learn How Groves Capital Is Expanding & Creating New Product Lines This Year From Chris Groves, Founder Of The Company

Learn How Groves Capital Is Expanding & Creating New Product Lines This Year From Chris Groves, Founder Of The Company

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 1, 2023 / Geopolitical tensions, energy market imbalances, persistently high inflation and rising interest rates have many investors and economists concerned that a U.S. recession is inevitable in 2023.

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The risk of recession has been rising as the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates in its ongoing battle against inflation. The recent bank crisis hasn’t helped either. While the U.S. economy is still growing, the rate of gross domestic product growth has been falling for the last three quarters and stood at 1.1% in the first quarter of 2023. It appears increasingly unlikely that the Fed will pull off a so-called soft landing for the economy this year.

Economic recessions are no reason for panic and have happened regularly over the past century. You can make the most of a difficult situation by knowing which risk factors to watch and how to position your portfolio to optimize performance in a tough market: That’s exactly what the company , founded by Chris and Aleyna Groves, is focusing on!

Groves Capital is a residential and commercial business that is making the mortgage process easier for its clients. It has been nominated as the fastest growing mortgage company with a 5 star standard by The New York Times, and it also appeared in a Bloomberg’s TV show as the world’s greatest lending platform.

As a family-owned business, their clients and loan officers are their main focus. In addition, Groves Capital focuses on providing a 5 star service for all their clients.

“There is always money to be made in any economic environment. Some of the biggest wealth is built during downturns and changing markets. The key is change, the one constant to stay on top of any industry, is the ability to change and move quickly. Most companies are huge corporations with so many layers that pivoting is hard at a fast pace”, Chris explains.

They offer over 200 lenders and 1000 loan products. also has 630 loan officers and has expanded across the US states in a short period of time. During his career, has built a reputation of being able to deliver a broad menu of options for their clients while maintaining a great service and timely delivery.

Up to date, they have created new product lines to enhance their abilities to lend into new spaces that are doing well in the current economy. Groves Capital focuses on staying as virtual as possible and creating opportunities for their partners to make money for their families and help their customers with the best possible service in every transaction.

Despite economists advising caution in anticipation of a recession this year, Groves Capital is the best example of a company that knows how to fight adversity and make the best of it. In fact, the truth is that is experiencing exponential growth and creating new divisions within the company. They developed new commercial platforms in all 50 states and, in addition, they have brought on private billion dollar funds in the commercial space that gives their clients lending opportunities that most big banks would turn down.

We also have added lines of credit products, business loans, equipment loans and SBA loans as business owners should always have cash at hand to protect their business and/or double down and grow it. We are proud to say that we are confident we are able to help 98% of borrowers that most would decline.”, Chris shares.

What’s more, they recently partnered with a solar company called Solar-Vision, with which they’ll be able to help clients save money on their monthly utilities bills, which undoubtedly represent a smart play with recession looming.

We are confident that we not only have every product to help our clients, but the best pricing and our focus will remain on your clients experience, with a 5 star and 110% effort with every transaction”, Chris comments.

To find out more about Groves Capital, check out their website . You can also follow Chris on Instagram .

About Groves Capital:

Groves Capital is a family owned business that helps people find the right mortgage options for them. The business has the ability to broker or be the actual lender using 120 different lending platforms, which helps them assist customers with their goals when it comes to the best product and rates.

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