Inspirational Quotes: Irene Cara, John Barrymore And Others

Inspirational Quotes: Irene Cara, John Barrymore And Others

Read inspirational quotes about following your dreams, avoiding regret and working well with others.

Irene Cara On Commitment

Take your passion and make it happen.
Irene Cara, singer

John Barrymore On Hope

A man is not old until regrets take the place of his dreams.
John Barrymore, actor

Andy Reid On Teamwork

We know that it’s not a one-man show. It takes a team together. Not just the players,
not just the coaches. Everybody.
Andy Reid, football coach

Robert Johnson On Communication

To build a successful business, you’ve got to have a vision of what you think that business is and what it could become, and how to translate that vision into something operational and meaningful to your employees, customers, and other stakeholders.
Robert Johnson, businessman

Simon Sinek On Thoroughness

It’s better to go slowly in the right direction than go speeding off in the wrong direction.
Simon Sinek, author

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Inspirational quotes from leaders in business, finance, the arts and other pursuits can give you the lift you need to achieve more. And just a few words from a great leader can inspire you to look at a problem in a new way. A dose of inspiration may be all you need to see an obstacle as a temporary challenge you simply need to overcome. Investor’s Business Daily understands the power of inspiration. And we search for the very best inspirational quotes and make them available to you each week. You’ll find how innovative thinking from successful people can help you approach your work in new ways.


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