Hit it & Quit It with Dr. Angela Pipersburgh, Matt Ryder, and Anna Papalia » Succeed As Your Own Boss

Hit it & Quit It with Dr. Angela Pipersburgh, Matt Ryder, and Anna Papalia » Succeed As Your Own Boss

Dr. Angela Pipersburgh is a dynamic figure in the fields of spiritual leadership and entrepreneurship. She is renowned for her Kingdom-centric approach to personal and professional development. She has successfully established four innovative brands, including the Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, Kingdom Business School, Shaddai Marketing and Communications, and Kingdom Investors, all aimed at uplifting Christian professionals and businesses. Known as the “Supernatural Coach,” Dr. Pipersburgh is committed to helping individuals discover their true identity, embrace their purpose, and realize their vision. She has published two books, “Your Gift IT Makes Room” and “Aligning With Your Destiny Connector,” which are available on Amazon. For more information: www.kingdomchamberofcommerce.org

Matt Ryder is a former special forces serviceman and Founder of Sales Sniper and, currently serving as CEO at 7th Level Inc. Matt’s rapid ascent in high-ticket sales showcased his own unique approach. His adoption of NEPQ, the 7th Level method, quickly propelled him to a consistent $100K per month within 90 days. With a global reach, Matt oversees sales teams and passionately ensures broad access to transformative training. His CEO role at 7th Level reflects his commitment to empowering individuals in all aspects of life through valuable tools, trainings, and strategies. For more information: https://7thlevelhq.com

Anna Papalia is an HR expert with over 1.5 million followers across social media platforms. She is the author of the new book Interviewology: The New Science of Interviewing. She has consulted with Fortune 100 companies, taught at Temple University and coached over 10,000 clients to interview better. Her groundbreaking discovery of Interview Styles revolutionized the way we teach and understand interviewing. She is also a public speaker at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and DisruptHR. For more information: https://theinterviewology.com

Three of my amazing guests – Dr. Angela Pipersburgh, Matt Ryder, and Anna Papalia – join me simultaneously for a fun, lighthearted, rapid-fire round of my favorite business questions.

We get their opinions on a few business tools, some old-school marketing tips, and some great books for aspiring business owners.

Listen to the podcast below:

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Guests on the show discussed their favorite business apps, highlighting the growing significance of AI and platforms like TikTok in modern business strategies.
  • Old school marketing techniques, such as guerrilla marketing and the principles of copywriting, remain relevant and effective in contemporary business practices.
  • Recommendations for business books by the guests and host underscore the importance of vision, purpose, and strategic thinking for business success.

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