Funeral notices, February 13, 2024

Funeral notices, February 13, 2024

This is to announce the recent passing of Gregory Scott Lauderback: born July 20, 1961; who died in his home at the age of 62, on January 18, 2024, in Tempe, AZ.

Greg was born in Wichita, KS and, at 8yrs., moved to Tucson, AZ with his parents, Dorothy Porter Lauderback and Robert Lauderback, and older brother, Michael, where he attended Wheeler Elementary, Palo Verde High and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from U of AZ in Business/Finance.

He was a very talented and spirited soul who worked in construction, fine dining and real estate. “Hard-working and playing” does not underscore enough how much energy and spirit Greg put into his work and play. He frequently asked, “Is there anything I can do to help?” and his curiosity to understand the word and the people in it was boundless.

Greg thrived on being with others and deeply valued his friendships. But, to be his friend meant you also had to appreciate and endure his temperament. Greg was one on the most loyal and devoted friends a person could have and expected the same treatment in return. He was 5’6″ and filled the room; he filled the lives of anyone destined to cross his path.

Sadly, playing hard eventually came with a price, leading to liver disease and a cascade of health complications that eventually took his life. His release from pain and suffering was a blessing. Praise the Lord for listening.

Greg is survived by his brother, Michael and his children, Slade, Ashley and Raymond; maternal aunt Genevieve Bouziden and her children, Brad, Bret, Boyd, Jasmine and Beth; maternal cousins, Kathy, Paul, David and Becky; so many dear friends and his devoted husband, Joseph Violette.

God bless your soul, Greg! May your wish be granted , to eternally rest in peace. You will be nearly missed.

Greg sought and received meaningful life guidance from the Southwest Area Mankind Project. Donations can be made to them in his name at: select “Southwest Area”