Financing & Bank Borrowing Strategies For Small Business Owners: Course Launched

Financing & Bank Borrowing Strategies For Small Business Owners: Course Launched


Published January 20, 2024

Financing & Bank Borrowing Strategies For Small Business Owners: Course Launched

The newly launched course offers toolkits and step-by-step guidance to make business owners more aware of how to engage bankers or financiers successfully so they can get the support they need for financing.

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With open registration and materials that can be accessed at any time, the new “How To Get Your Business Financed?” course from Ever Wonder Knowledge focuses on teaching learners the factors that drive and motivate bankers to provide credit and loans, as well how to prepare and articulate a business case successfully when applying for financing.

A recent report from Forbes shows that funding is a growing problem for small businesses, as only 31% of businesses who applied for a loan in 2021 were successful, a significant drop from 51% in 2019. With a recognition of the ongoing decline in funding availability, the “How To Get Your Business Financed?” course helps business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs identify methods for getting loans and credit while building the confidence they need to approach bankers successfully.

“We teach you what motivates banks to grant loans, while teaching you how to present your side in a compelling way,” says a spokesperson. “As loan assessment standards continue to tighten, we help you to beat the odds and be a success story, rather than a statistic.”

The course includes an introduction to key operating indicators and explains why these indicators matter. Participants will draw upon material from the course textbook, titled “5 Steps To Getting Your Business Financed: The Definitive Way That Gets Big Corporations Bank Financed,” by H.C. Yip, which can be ordered at

Course materials also cover the reasons why loans and credit for small businesses help support the overall economy. Learners will discover how presenting a strong case for their business can help eliminate funding monopolies that arise from big corporations.

In addition to step-by-step guidance on presenting a case to bankers and financiers, the course also gives tips on how to secure support continuous financing or credit, rather than a limited one-time loan.

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