Domo is Dntl Bar’s marketing jack of all trades

Domo is Dntl Bar’s marketing jack of all trades

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 / Domo is Dntl Bar’s marketing jack of all trades

Our New York locations are mostly in residential neighborhoods, so we originally focused our advertising to reach prospects who lived close to our clinics. We had a suspicion that our Wall Street clinic was drawing patients from different geographies, but we didn’t have any data we could act on. 

Our dental Practice Management System (PMS) captures patients’ home zip codes for billing purposes, but they’re buried in thousands of lines of transaction data—and the PMS isn’t designed for visualizing geographic data. Finding out where our Wall Street clinic patients were coming from could have meant hours of painstaking spreadsheet work, followed by more hours to get the data mapped. 

Use case

But Domo makes this kind of analysis easy. We extracted the home Zip Codes of Wall Street clinic patients from our dataset and used Domo’s “ZIPs to FIPs” app to convert them to Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) codes for display on pre-built Domo maps. Just a glance at the maps told the story: unlike our neighborhood locations, the Wall Street clinic draws commuters with homes in New York counties outside Manhattan and as far away as New Jersey and Connecticut. We can now use that kind of information to target campaigns, adjust clinic hours so we’re open before and after work, and run special promotions for commuters. We can also segment the data according to amount spent to focus campaigns for high-end services like veneers on patients with a high propensity to spend. 

Domo is a real workhorse for us in-clinic, as well. With a link to third-party data apps like Square, we can monitor product sales, discount slow-moving inventory, and drive sales through promotions.


Our marketing team can now use the address data to build an audience and target new patient acquisition efforts.