Domo helps Dntl Bar measure & maximize service quality

Domo helps Dntl Bar measure & maximize service quality

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 / Domo helps Dntl Bar manage rework to deliver top-tier service quality

Our business depends on customer loyalty and word of mouth—a dissatisfied customer can cost us a lot of repeat and new business. That’s why we guarantee that our patients will be satisfied with the work we do. For example, if a patient complains that a new crown causes sensitivity or bite problems, we assign a different dentist to redo the work at no charge.  

To track this process, we wanted to count the unsatisfactory procedures performed by each of our dentists and redirect compensation to the dentists who perform the rework. But our dental practice management system didn’t give us a way to distinguish rework from original work, tally complaints by provider, or manage the change in compensation. We had to flag rework manually and then do our quality control and compensation adjustments in Excel. Manual processes like that always mean delays and errors, which are serious problems when you’re dealing with service quality, employee evaluation, and compensation issues.

Use case

But it’s an easy fix in Domo. We created a standardized process in Notes to identify and capture rework visits and set up a pipe to route compensation to the dentist who corrected the original work. The solution eliminates manual errors and saves us hours of spreadsheet work every month. The automation of the process takes a lot of the emotion out of compensation discussions and helps keep everyone focused on ways to deliver superior quality service.


Best of all, it automatically aligns quality of practice with compensation, keeping our clinical staff motivated to maintain the high standards we and our customers expect.