Data Never Sleeps Turns 11!

Data Never Sleeps turned 11 in 2023! If you’re new to the Domo on Data-verse, this is our annual report that captures the world’s data usage by the minute. We published our first Data Never Sleeps report in 2013, and some of the insights from it feel—and sound—a little quaint now.   

A few cases in point from 2013:  

  • Consumers spend $272,000 a minute on “web shopping.”   
  • Foursquare users perform 2,083 check-ins a minute. 
  • Tumblr blog owners publish 27,778 new posts a minute.  

See what we mean? Everything about the first Data Never Sleeps (DNS) report reflected 2013—the brands we valued, the channels we used most, and the platforms that were on the rise. In the same way, the particular mix of media and brands we’ve included in the 2024 edition reflects the culture, values, and currency of right now.  

So this month, we’re exploring what’s new and different in Data Never Sleeps 11.0. You’ll go behind the scenes with us to understand why we made the choices we made—and what that suggests about the world we live in today. In particular, we’ll focus on changes from 10.0 to 11.0 as an index for what’s changing the fastest.   

New categories tracked in 2023


This one’s a no-brainer. ChatGPT launched in November 2022, and the world was never the same.

Cybercriminals and info security

Almost half of organizations say they’ve suffered from economic crimes or fraud in the prior two years, according to the World Economic Forum’s reporting in 2022.  

Not to mention scams targeting consumers. AP News reported that people are losing more money to scammers than ever, with $8.8 billion in losses reported in 2022.  

Taylor Swift

2023 may have been Taylor Swift’s biggest year ever. She kicked off the Eras Tour, re-released two albums, became Time’s Person of the Year, released an Eras Tour movie, and became a billionaire.

Our data also showed that Swift reached peak popularity last September, around the time that her relationship with Travis Kelce became public knowledge. Needless to say, Data Never Sleeps 11.0 wouldn’t be complete without her.

Treasury bonds

Bonds may not be as sparkly, but they supposedly boomed last year, too. Investopedia reported a strong start for bonds in January 2023. But then, according to Reuters’ financial reporting, the bond market struggled through the year before rallying in the fourth quarter—creating, of course, a lot of data to track.


We also added a category for DoorDash, the food delivery and logistics platform. Its stock doubled last year, as noted by Investor’s Business Daily, and the company introduced partnerships with Sephora, ALDI, and other retailers.

Instagram Threads

In the summer of 2023, Instagram announced Threads, a Twitter-like (or should we say X-like?) app that lets people communicate publicly by text. Threads made a splash, but Verge reported in September the platform was struggling to retain users. Still, as you’ll see, our data showed a few thousand people downloaded the app every minute—so maybe the future remains to be seen?

Data trends from DNS 10.0 to DNS 11.0

Data Never Sleeps captures the trends, themes, and highlights of the year. Our 2022 and 2023 editions have four categories in common.

See the full study

You can find our annual Data Never Sleeps infographic here. But for our Domo on Data readers, we’re sharing our full study below.