Cypress Woods ESE students continue tradition by making Super Bowl bracelets

Cypress Woods ESE students continue tradition by making Super Bowl bracelets

PALM HARBOR, Fla. — Students at Cypress Woods Elementary got into the Super Bowl spirit by keeping up with their tradition of selling bracelets for a school fundraiser.

The Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students take part in the activity every year by making bracelets supporting the teams in that year’s Super Bowl. This year’s Big Game bracelets had colors representing the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

On top of the team bracelets, students also made Taylor Swift-themed bracelets.

“It’s just a huge task, but it’s all for the kids and for the love of learning,” said Tina Koufogazos, the Special Education Teacher at Cypress Woods.

This year, Koufogazos said they’ve made more than $1,500 after selling bracelets for $2 each. Students are learning important lessons throughout the project in business, finance, and economics.

The money that the students raise is used for field trips and other activities for the ESE class.

big game bracelets 2.png


“That is going to cover the cost of a field trip and a bus for next year, so we’re really excited. We met our goal, and the kids know exactly what they’re working for,” said Koufogazos.

Sometimes, the bracelets even hit it big with the stars of the game themselves. Last year, several Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles players were pictured wearing them.

“We also sent bracelets to the Super Bowl. We’re hoping to see some of the players wear our bracelets,” said Koufogazos. “We also sent three bracelets to Taylor Swift, three bracelets to her boyfriend, Mr. Kelce, and 13 to each team.”

Parker Corjay, a 5th grader, said he’s learned about buying and selling during the school project.

“I like putting the beads on and following the pattern, and I like selling them,” said Corjay.