CraneMorley and Porsche partner to transform training

CraneMorley and Porsche partner to transform training

During 2022, CraneMorley and Porsche Cars North America were honored with seven national awards for their groundbreaking mixed reality training delivered on the Microsoft HoloLens 2.  The accolades Included the prestigious Summit Emerging Media Award and the Vega Digital Award, Muse Creative Award, Horizon Interactive Award, AVA Digital Award, Marcom Award, and finally Viddy Award.

Porsche set out to create technical training assets lightyears ahead of the traditional instructor led training and eLearning courses that are typical of the industry. The training utilizes mixed reality technology to introduce Porsche vehicle platforms and systems to both new-hires and experienced Porsche technicians alike. Technician training is moved from their busy training centers to the dealership, freeing up capacity, reducing travel, material, and technician downtime costs.

Starting with CAD files, the CraneMorley team creates a digital twin or hologram of a specific vehicle and its components. The digital twin can stand alone or overlay on top of the vehicle. This enables the technicians to “see” inside the vehicle through Microsoft’s HoloLens, essentially giving them X-ray vision. Learners get hands on and can manipulate angles for a closer look, use touch and voice navigation to discover the different vehicle components, their location, and operating relationship amongst each other.

Since every technician will experience the training separately and individually, they are able to engage the material at will, and as many times as desired, so it can serve as a working aid even after the training is completed. This not only ensures effective learning but also eliminates the risk of embarrassment in front of peers in the classroom.

Looking forward the Macan was first in line as we continue to shorten time to competency and improve on-the-job performance with the rest of models Porsche has to offer customers.