Best Pool Service CRM 2024: Tested for SMBs

Best Pool Service CRM 2024: Tested for SMBs

Running a pool service business often means juggling multiple tasks at once. 

You’ve got to handle appointments, dispatch team members, follow up with leads (and so much more). 

Lucky for you, Freshsales offers workflow automation to make things much easier. 

With Freshsales, you can easily automate the following:

  • Assigning users to tasks
  • Creating, assigning, & updating tasks
  • Updating records
  • Sending automatic notifications & reminders

Automating these tasks will save you and your team a lot of time, allowing you to focus on what matters—your customers. 

Freshsales does have a slight learning curve to its automation creation. However, it’s mitigated by many helpful pre-made templates (shown below).

Best Pool Service CRM - Freshsales Automation Templates

These beginner-friendly templates are perfect for anyone looking to hit the ground running with complex automation.

If you’re looking to build more advanced custom automations, Freshsales delivers.

Once you get past the initial learning curve, the automation builder (shown below) is a dream to use. 

Best Pool Service CRM - Freshsales Automation

Simply follow the steps as you create sequences, add triggers, and tailor actions to your specific needs. 

Then, you can sit back and watch your business run smoother than ever.

The lowdown: Freshsales’ workflow automation is a lifesaver for busy service companies trying to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.