17 Best Sites (Real & Instant)

17 Best Sites (Real & Instant)
17 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes (Real and Instant)

Instagram shows no signs of slowing down – the platform is still booming with popularity and for brands, businesses, influencers, creators, and more, it’s a huge space to really take your online presence and success to the next level.

In fact, Instagram holds such power that most internet users reference Instagram to determine the reputation and authority that a brand has. If you don’t have a solid presence on the platform, you may appear to be less credible and even lose out on real-life opportunities.

TLDR: Best place to buy Instagram followers: useviral.com

For this reason, most people are putting a lot of time and energy into their Instagram presence, and to keep up, can be a big challenge. With so much competition out there, how can you get noticed?

There are so many roadblocks to gaining more popularity in terms of Instagram followers and engagement, which can then hinder your overall popularity and success. Working to overcome these roadblocks on your own can be tiring and disheartening – are there any tools that can help?

One popular option that many users have implemented is to buy Instagram likes and get their engagement and growth moving. It can take a long time to gain the necessary engagement on Instagram, so buying likes has proved to be a game changer for many.

Buying Instagram likes is a completely viable way to get results for your Instagram quicker and more effectively without spending hours on the platform hoping for some improvement. It can be especially useful if you’re just starting out and need to jumpstart your Instagram.

When you buy Instagram likes, you are planting the base for your organic follower count and engagement levels to increase – having more Instagram likes brings more Instagram likes, followers, comments, and more.

Even though there are plenty of companies that will sell you Instagram likes, not all of them are created equal, and it’s important that you make the right choice from the get-go. For this reason, we’ve put together this guide to buying real Instagram likes so you can enjoy quicker growth and top results.

After reading our guide, you’ll know:

  • Why you should buy Instagram likes
  • Why real Instagram likes matter
  • The best 17 sites to buy Instagram likes
  • 8 tips to boost your organic Instagram likes and engagement 
  • How to buy Instagram followers

We’re convinced that after you check out this guide, you’ll have more than enough resources and information to buy Instagram likes and see the success you’ve been seeking so eagerly on Instagram!

Let’s jump into it.

Why buy Instagram likes?

When Instagram first became popular, most people were so concerned with the number of Instagram followers that a user had. If you had a lot of followers, you were deemed as popular.

However, with the introduction of fake followers to fill up follower counts, Instagram followers slowly became a secondary measure of popularity and were replaced with Instagram engagement.

Engagement on Instagram counts as any way that a user interacts with your content. This includes Instagram likes, comments, shares, views, DMs, and saves. The true indicator of real popularity on Instagram is now engagement.

For this reason, people have eagerly sought out ways to get more Instagram likes; if you have a lot of Instagram likes, users can instantly see that people love your content and will be more likely to like it and follow you as well.

The problem is that getting more likes on Instagram can be a time-consuming and often frustrating plight; even if you do have a lot of followers, if they’re not engaging with your content, your Instagram performance will often suffer.

Having a healthy number of likes is so important if you want to be a top competitor in your niche on Instagram because it strengthens your reputation with social proof and encourages others to engage with you, wanting to be a part of your community.

Thus, buying Instagram likes can help you get that ball rolling and help people see the true value in your content, ultimately promoting more real and organic Instagram growth in the long term.

It all starts with a like.

Why you need real Instagram likes

As you may know, there are plenty of companies out there that will offer you Instagram likes for purchase, but they are not all created equal, nor will they all help your profile.

Making smart choices when buying Instagram likes is the best thing you can do if you want to see real growth continue over time. Too often, companies are trying to make a quick buck from desperate Instagram users looking for likes.

Don’t buy into companies that offer fake likes or low-quality likes; these purchases will do you no good in the end. Here are some reasons why it’s important that you have real or high-quality Instagram likes from a reputable company:

  • Instagram maintenance: Instagram maintains the integrity of its platform over time by clearing out fake and bot accounts. That means that if you buy a bunch of fake followers that have no profile picture, no content, and weird usernames, they’ll likely be cleared out and you’ll lose your investment.
  • Fake accounts make you look bad: Users can easily recognize when users are real and when they’re not. If they click on the number of likes and see what profiles are liking your content and they see a bunch of fakes, they’ll know that you bought followers and you’ll look desperate and less credible.
  • Instagram engagement is key: you need real, high-quality likes to be able to benefit from the Instagram algorithm. Buying Instagram likes can help to drive more engagement and get you a better overall performance.

Instagram Engagement Defined

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram engagement is any way that users interact with your content. Your level of engagement is directly connected to your performance against the Instagram algorithm.

That’s to say if you have a high number of followers but your content gets a low number of likes, your content won’t be recognized as successful according to Instagram. If you don’t have good engagement, your content won’t be recommended to other users based on the algorithm, and your content won’t get good natural reach.

In order to have great natural reach and get your content seen by more people on Instagram, both your followers and new users alike, you have to have high engagement levels. Instagram likes are one of the principal measures of content success, and when you buy Instagram likes from a top company, you will have better performance on Instagram overall.

So, buying Instagram likes is really beneficial for your Instagram when you buy from the right company and do it safely. Let’s take a look at the top 17 companies on the market that can sell you high-quality Instagram likes.

The best sites to buy Instagram likes

The following 17 companies will no doubt bring you the Instagram likes you need to take your profile to the next level. With high-quality likes coming from reputable companies with safe websites, straightforward services, and awesome support, you’ll certainly find something that can work for you!

Let’s dive in.

1. Useviral

When you need real likes for your Instagram account, UseViral brings top quality. UseViral has been in the market for years helping its clients to grow a variety of social media networks, including YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and more.

UseViral has multiple packages for Instagram likes that they will deliver to your content.

They also offer quick delivery so you can get growing really quickly without wasting any time. UseViral has built a network of actual users that help you grow your Instagram likes, so their delivery is so quick and effective.

When you use a company like UseViral, your safety is always protected with a secure site and payment gateways, and you’ll have access to 24/7 support if you need anything. Don’t hesitate to check out UseViral today to buy Instagram likes as well as other social media packages.

2. MoreLikes

Another favorite way to get more Instagram likes is without a doubt the services that MoreLikes has to offer. With options for both auto likes as well as one-time purchases, you’ll find exactly what you need when you use MoreLikes.

The auto likes service is extremely valuable because you’ll consistently gain real likes for your content as soon as it’s posted, boosting your credibility and adding a level of consistency to your Instagram content.

You’ll get up to four posts per day supplied with likes, which is more than enough, and you’ll also see a cushion of 5-10% additional likes every now and then to shake things up and keep things natural.

You can choose how many you’d like delivered to each post based on the package you select, and you can also choose the speed at which they come to your content (instant or delayed).

If you just want a quick infusion of likes, you can also buy select packages of likes that MoreLikes will deliver to your content. You can choose how many you want and it will be delivered quickly and effectively.

MoreLikes has a variety of other services for Instagram including views and followers, and you’ll love the high-quality, real likes that they bring to your profile. Check them out today if you want to take your Instagram engagement to the next level through likes!

3. Grab Likes 

If you need more real likes for your Instagram content, Grab Likes is one of the top options out there. Grab Likes has helped many clients get more Instagram likes through their services, including auto likes as well as likes packages.

You won’t find many companies out there like Grab Likes – reputable, trustworthy, and genuinely concerned with the success of their clients. They deliver real likes to your content really quickly and safely, so you’ll always have peace of mind.

If you want to have likes for all of your content, they can help you with an auto likes service ranging in the number of likes, or you could opt for a one-time purchase to get a boost in your likes.

Whichever you choose, Grab Likes is a highly professional service that will leave you satisfied and growing in engagement for a long time to come.

4. SidesMedia

Buying Instagram likes can be a bit nerve-racking, especially if you’re not sure what kind of company you’re buying from. When you use SidesMedia you won’t have to worry – you’ll have a top experience from beginning to end.

SidesMedia has a network of over 5000 users who help to bring your Instagram content real likes. You can choose the amount that works best for you, and once you do that, you follow a quick and easy checkout process and watch your order be fulfilled.

SidesMedia also offers services for other networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. You’ll find that SidesMedia has a great reputation and a really user-friendly website with a plethora of information about social media growth. We approve!

5. Growthoid

If you’re looking to have more real engagement, Growthoid is going to be a great option for you as it is a completely manual, fully-managed service that will help you to get more likes and followers from users in your target audience.

Growthoid uses their expert account managers to interact with users in your target audience and keep your natural reach constantly expanding. This is the top strategy in the market and after you use Growthoid, you won’t know how you survived without them!

With monthly plans that fit any budget, no contracts, and a 14-day money-back guarantee, Growthoid will definitely work for you.

6. Growthsilo

Getting real users in your target audience to like your pictures can be a tough job, but sometimes all it takes is a like for them to return the favor. Growthsilo is one of the top services on the market for getting more real Instagram likes and followers.

Growthsilo uses advanced targeting instructions to engage with the right users for your profile, getting you not only real likes but also more followers that can help to perpetuate more growth in the future.

You’ll never have to worry about fake or bot followers with Growthsilo because everything is organic and focuses only on real Instagram users. This is one of the best things about a service like this.

You can cancel the service at any time and the service is also backed by a money-back guarantee, so you can always have peace of mind when you use Growthsilo. For buying Instagram likes, Growthsilo is definitely at the top.

7. Stormlikes

When you buy Instagram likes, you need a company that is reputable and provides effective, stable services that help your Instagram growth. Stormlikes can do that for you; they’ve got a lot of experience in social media growth and know how important quality is.

They are an Instagram-only social media growth company, so they will focus all of their energy and services on getting you more Instagram likes, comments, and followers. You can customize your selections for followers, which will help your overall Instagram performance.

They have competitive pricing, high-quality likes, instant delivery, and more. Stormlikes doesn’t mess around with ghost or bot accounts, so you don’t have to worry about polluting your Instagram with low-quality engagements.

StormLikes keeps your account safe with secure payment gateways and no password needed. If you need real Instagram likes and more, StormLikes can help.

8. Likes.io

Likes.io is one of those companies that doesn’t mess around – they offer an extremely straightforward website with a variety of different options for your Instagram growth needs. Not only can you get real Instagram likes from them, but you can also get auto likes for Instagram, which can help your account get the consistency in engagement that it needs.

If you only want a few likes, you can buy anywhere from 50 likes all the way up to 100k likes. They offer instant delivery as well, so you’ll start to see your likes come in very quickly once you complete your order.

You can contact their support team at any time if you have any questions about your order, and they even accept bitcoin as a method of payment.

Likes.io is one of the best companies out there to bring you real Instagram likes.

9. FollowersUp

If you’re looking for ways to get more Instagram likes and grow your account through comments, followers, shares, and more, FollowersUp is an excellent choice. You can help boost your Instagram likes, IGTV performance, followers, and views all with their company.

In addition, FollowersUp will help you with growth for other platforms including TikTok and YouTube.

You can choose between Instagram auto likes or one-time Instagram likes, and you can use their custom slider to select exactly how many likes you need. They have a lifetime warranty on all of their packages, so no matter what, they’ve got your back.

10. Media Mister

One of the pros in the social media growth market, Media Mister has been providing Instagram and social media growth for years. They have some of the most comprehensive Instagram services out there, and you can get a variety of different Instagram likes from them.

You can get Instagram likes for your posts, comments, live videos, IGTV, IG reels, as well as automatic likes, giving you a high level of customizability. You can ensure that all aspects of your IG are covered.

They don’t offer instant delivery but Media Mister always safely comes through with your order, and they have been recommended by many of their clients for a long time. Media Mister is here to stay.

11. Getviral.io

You’ll be able to buy high-quality Instagram likes from Getviral.io, as well as services for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You’ll be able to get Instagram likes at reasonable prices in the quantity that you require.

They attempt to get you likes from users that are connected to your niche and help you to keep your reputation on the up and up. This can help you perpetuate more real growth in the long run.

If you need Instagram likes, check out Getviral.io.

12. Famups

A highly trusted company, Famups has been delivering Instagram likes for quite some time now. They are pros in social media growth and they have a variety of useful bundles that help you get all of the necessary metrics you need for optimal Instagram growth.

Their delivery is quick and effective and you won’t have to wait a long time to see your order being delivered. You have great customer service to help you along the way if any doubts or questions arise as well.

Famups will deliver high-quality Instagram likes and other engagements to help you with your social proof and get your growth kicked into high gear.

13. Social Packages

Just as the name implies, you can get a variety of different engagements and followers for many different social media platforms with Social Packages. If you want to buy Instagram likes, they’re one of the top providers.

They have a drop guarantee which means if you lose any of your followers, they’ll help to supplement what was lost, which is a great feature. You can get affordable and high-quality Instagram likes through Social Packages.

14. Get Real Boost

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to break through to the next level, buying Instagram likes from Get Real Boost is one of the best things you can do for your Instagram performance.

Get Real Boost offers quick delivery and budget-friendly packages for Instagram likes, helping you to boost your real traffic and organic engagement. You’ll definitely find something that will work for your needs and budget when you use Get Real Boost.

15. iDigic

With packages for Instagram likes, followers, and more, iDigic will help you grow your Instagram with their services. They offer growth options for Instagram only, which means they are focused on their clients for that specific platform.

You’ll find highly affordable options for their likes, and you can even split them between photos, which is a great feature. Drop protection is included in iDigic’s effective Instagram likes packages.

16. FollowersPromotion

Getting your content promoted on Instagram has never been easier. When you buy Instagram likes from FollowersPromotion, you’ll be able to gain more social credibility and build your Instagram popularity.

They have options for Instant likes, auto likes, followers, views, and more. You’ll see the perpetual growth that you’re looking for when you buy likes from FollowersPromotion. Their high-quality likes don’t disappoint.

17. ViralRace

You won’t have to worry about fake or bot profiles when you work with a secure service like ViralRace. They are not only delivering the quantity of Instagram likes you buy, but also authentic engagement that will help your Instagram performance.

Their pricing can work with any budget and will help you get more Instagram likes with instant delivery and great customer service.

Top 8 tips for getting more real Instagram likes and engagement

Buying Instagram likes is an awesome and quick way to get things moving on your Instagram, but it shouldn’t be your only strategy. When you buy Instagram likes you also give yourself a great opportunity to spend time focusing on strategies that can get you even more Instagram likes.

The truth is that many top accounts make Instagram success look so easy, when in fact it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Buying Instagram likes can help to make it an easier road, but you still have to do your part to keep your Instagram consistently growing and thriving.

Don’t make the mistake that others make – they think they can simply buy Instagram likes and followers, and then sit back and do nothing. How you engage with your community, what types of content and captions you produce, as well as how you use hashtags all have a big impact on how much success you’ll have on Instagram.

Take the bull by the horns and be proactive with your Instagram – use the following tips in conjunction with buying Instagram followers so that you can really take your account to the next level and beyond.

The following tips will help you do just that.

Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags started on Twitter, but they haven’t missed a beat on Instagram – if you really want people to come across your content, you should always use optimal, targeted hashtags to get your content in front of the right people.

Hashtags aren’t going to automatically get you more likes, but they will put your content in a hashtag feed with other posts that use the same tag. People search for the hashtag when they’re looking for specific content and then browse content in that hashtag feed.

Using hashtags make your content more discoverable to users on IG and they’re likely to give your content a like if they enjoy what they see when reviewing the search results. What’s more, if they think your content is really good, they’ll also follow you.

There are two basic keys to hashtags:

  • Use specific hashtags: when you use hashtags that are related to your niche, you won’t have to worry about what kind of users are going to be seeing your content and whether or not they’ll be interested in it. Using niche-specific tags gives your content a higher chance of getting liked because it’ll be seen by interested users.
  • Avoid general hashtags: if you use hashtags like #beauty or #friends, you’re going to be posting into a hashtag feed that is too saturated; your content will get pushed down too quickly to see and the viewers aren’t guaranteed to even care about your content because it’s not niche-specific.

Other things you can experiment with are incorporating hashtags into your caption or your first comment as well as the number you use; Instagram allows up to 30 but research shows that 4-10 hashtags bring optimal results. 

Don’t miss out on more engagement through hashtag exposure.

Use Calls-to-Action

If you want users to engage with your content, sometimes you have to tell them, and it really works! In your caption, or even through a graphic on your content, you can ask users to leave a comment or share your post so that your engagement increases.

For example, if you post a caption that says “what time do you wake up in the morning? Tell me in the comments!” people will leave a comment and respond to you. This not only builds relationships with your followers and users on IG, but it also increases your engagement where you would have little to none otherwise.

You can also ask your followers to tag a friend, give their opinion, share an experience, and more. Ask them to share with friends, or post content to their own story, and you can get more engagement that way.

Another phrase that you can use to get people to like your content is, “double tap if…”

You’ll complete that phrase with something and then people will relate to you and then like your content. If you can get your followers or Instagram users to relate to you and your content, you can get them to like it as well.

Always find creative ways to ask your followers to like and comment on your content so that you can build relationships, get people to connect with you, and keep them interested in your content – all while increasing your engagement. Win-win!

Engage with Users

On that note, you should not only ask your followers to engage with you, but you should engage with them! Using calls-to-action helps you to appear invested in your followers as well as engaged with them, but there are more ways to do this as well.

If you ask followers to leave a comment and you find that they do, respond to their comment or like it. When you respond or like a user’s comment, they feel happy because you validated their comment and interacted with them. People will continue to support you when you develop these relationships in little ways.

You can also engage with users on other profiles, such as related or competing accounts; it never hurts to start conversations and increase your visibility in your niche on Instagram.

Another thing you can do is like the content of followers or other Instagram users; if you like their content, they’re likely to return the favor.

There are plenty of ways to be active and engaged with your audience on Instagram, and it’s a really important strategy to help get you more likes on Instagram. When you are connected and have strong bonds with your audience, the more likely they are to support you through likes, comments, shares, and saves.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are by far the most popular feature on Instagram. While nothing will ever replace the main feed, Instagram stories have been a welcome addition to the platform and have increased the average time spent on the platform by 28 minutes per user.

Some users are exclusively interested in Instagram stories and rarely view regular content or other videos like IGTV, so it’s in your best interest to take advantage of this very popular element.

You can increase your engagement on Instagram through IG stories very easily as they have many different features that allow you to interact with your followers and viewers. You can create polls, quizzes, ask questions, give rankings, and also promote your new posts.

It’s common now for many IG users to create a “new post” story that promotes their new post but hides it in some way; you can use a GIF or a sticker to block some of the photo so viewers navigate to your main profile.

This is a great way to get more people checking out all of your content and engaging with it more, since they’re already on your main profile page and have everything at their fingertips.

User-Generated Content and Mentions

User-generated content, also known as UGC, is one of the top ways to boost engagement on Instagram. In fact, users are roughly 30% more likely to engage with content that is created by other users, so it’s in your best interest to implement UGC to get more people engaging.

People like to be featured and they like to have their moment of fame, and when you feature something that was created by another user on Instagram, they’re likely to engage with it and even share it with their own followers.

How can you get people, then to create content that you can use in their feeds? Ask your followers to do so specifically, or create a branded hashtag that users can tag their posts with.

Creating a hashtag is an especially valuable way to get UGC because not only will you have the content to feature on your own profile, there will be a feed of all content that’s related to your brand or image in one place.

You can also create Instagram stories that ask users for content or prompt them to share things with you. The more you can get people sharing content with you and mentioning you, the more you can share it. This is good for both feed posts as well as stories.

Make sure that you always mention the creator and always give credit where credit is due.

Location Tags

For physical businesses or businesses and brands that are heavily based in one area, this can help you to gain more traction and pop up when people are looking for a specific place.

Your content will appear connected to these locations, so even if you don’t have a physical store or place, you can tag a general area and you will then be discoverable when people view the location.

While this is especially useful for businesses like small stores, restaurants, bars, and the like, it can be useful even if you don’t fit into these categories. People are often checking out locations on Instagram, so if they like your content and come across it in a search, they’ll be likely to engage with it.

Whatever you can do to get your content seen by more people that may be interested in your content is a valid tactic to get more engagement on Instagram, and using location tags is a great one.

Target Followers

Your followers are some of the most important people when it comes to getting likes on Instagram. Because they will be the ones to see your content most frequently, they are the ones that are likely to engage with it.

What happens is this: a follower sees your content, likes it, checks out your profile, and keeps viewing more content on Instagram. Instagram registers this, and they will then show that user your content more frequently and post your updates to the top of their feed.

When you get more followers consistently viewing your content, they’re more likely to continue engaging with it through likes and comments. This is one of the ideal ways to grow your engagement on Instagram.

You should always post content that is tailored to your target audience, and that includes followers. If you know what kind of content your followers want to see, you can post it and then you’ll see consistent levels of engagement because their interest is piqued.

Always cater to your followers and target audience so that your content has higher chances of performing well. In order to find out what they like, don’t hesitate to ask them – it’s common for users to create polls on Instagram stories or use questions in their captions to ask followers what they like and what they want to see more of.

Communicate with your followers and users on IG and you’ll have even more success through your content.

Follow or Engage with Similar Brands

Instagram is a big place, and with over 2 billion monthly active users, there is plenty of competition in pretty much all niches on the platform. For that reason, you’ve got to stay on top of the competition and utilize their strategies and audiences.

If you notice that one of your competitors gets a lot of likes on their content, look at the content and see what about it brings in so many likes. You can then take some inspiration from this well-performing content and implement it into your own content offerings.

What’s more, when you engage with other brands, you open up your network for collaborations, which will bring in more likes and engagements from their audience, helping to grow both of your profiles through a mutually-beneficial relationship.

When you do collaborations or engage with users on other brands’ profiles, you are able to leverage that audience and help your profile get more likes and followers. 

How to buy Instagram likes

The actual process of buying Instagram likes is actually really simple. Most companies offer the same process for purchasing likes, so you will likely go through the following steps:

  • Review the list of plans, packages, and service details on the company’s website
  • Decide which one(s) work best for you
  • Select your desired package
  • Enter your Instagram handle and some brief information
  • Complete payment
  • Wait for your order to be completed

And that’s it! It’s an overall simple process and most sites allow you to buy Instagram likes in a matter of minutes.

When you are making your decision, however, there are a few things that you should keep your eye out for and evaluate before you decide to buy Instagram likes from a company.

Below there are 3 considerations that you should make before making your final choice. The companies on this list will no doubt match up to the criteria below, but if you have another company in mind, always use a critical eye before deciding to purchase from them.

Understand Engagement

As we mentioned earlier in the guide, engagement drives your Instagram reach through the Instagram algorithm. This algorithm calculates your content’s value and likability through engagement metrics, so if you don’t have high engagement, your content won’t get seen.

If you don’t buy high-quality or real Instagram likes, you aren’t going to be able to hope for much more reach even though you have a higher engagement rate. If you buy real Instagram likes, Instagram’s algorithm will register your content as more popular, and your content will be seen by more people overall.

Not only that, when you have engagement, even if they are likes that you bought, you will eventually see an increase in your engagement overall because having likes on your content drives more likes.

Keep this in mind when choosing a company to buy from – you always want to buy real or high-quality likes as opposed to fake or bot accounts. 

Use Companies That are Safe

You always want to check the quality of a company before you buy from them, and there are a few key indicators that you should look for in order to decide whether or not they’re reputable and honest. These include:

  • Quality of likes: If companies don’t discuss the quality of their likes or don’t tell you how their services are provided, you can assume they are fake and low-quality. Always look for how the service will be provided and what quality likes you’re buying, which should be described in the package info.
  • Price: Extremely low, unmatchable prices usually indicate fake likes. You should be looking for affordable prices but not ones that compromise quality, as it will be a waste of investment. Also, make sure companies have available pricing that you can view on the site; if they hide their prices, don’t waste your time.
  • Secure website: Don’t buy from a website that doesn’t have a secure website or secure payment gateways as you can put your personal data, your device, as well as your financial information at risk. You should always make sure the payment portals are legit and secure and look for the lock icon in the address bar. If it says “not secure,” leave the site. Also, services that are one-time purchases won’t need your password, so if a company that offers a one-time service asks for your password, don’t give it to them and look for one that doesn’t require it.
  • Real reviews: If a company falsifies its reviews or testimonials, it’s probably because their service isn’t valuable. Keep an eye out for deception on websites and always try to get real reviews from real people if the quality of their website reviews doesn’t offer you enough information.
  • Effective delivery: You want to ensure that the delivery of your likes will keep your account safe but also come within a reasonable time frame. Most companies will offer instant delivery, but if you’re ordering packages that are larger, a delayed drip delivery might be a better option. Some companies allow you to choose which you want; in any case, you don’t want to be waiting months for your likes to be delivered either, so check the policies of the company to see how quickly you should expect to see your order.
  • FAQs: The more information a company gives about its service, the better. If you don’t see explanations of how the service works or a detailed FAQ that helps clients and potential clients with questions, you should look for a company that has better support and values transparency in their services.

All of the sites on this list match these criteria, and you can take a look at their websites to check them out. Use this criteria to judge any company that you have in mind for social media growth.

Buy Comments and Followers

When you buy Instagram likes, you should also consider how that purchase will help you in other areas of Instagram, such as followers and comments.

Buying Instagram likes will help your account to perform better overall, but if you want to get a better overall image of your Instagram right from the start, you can buy Instagram likes, followers, and comments as well so that your profile looks well rounded and increases your social proof on all fronts.

Likes are awesome, but if you don’t have any comments at all, it can raise some eyebrows. If you find that your comments are also struggling, you can buy some comments to get things moving. Also, use call-to-actions like we mentioned in the above section to help encourage people to comment on your post and get your engagement up.

Remember, likes are a great type of engagement that helps your algorithm performance, but you also gain more traction on the algorithm through high numbers of comments as well.


As you can see, Instagram likes is one of the vital pieces to having a thriving and successful Instagram profile. You are deemed more popular when you have a lot of likes, and you are more likely to gain partnerships, brand sponsorships, and open more doors when you have a lot of engagement.

In addition, you’ll get more natural reach on Instagram, getting your content out to more people. For these reasons, having more likes on Instagram helps you to continuously grow and get more followers and engagement over time.

Buying Instagram likes is one of the most effective ways to jumpstart your engagement and get a boost to your social cred so that more people will want to be a part of your profile through following and engaging with your content.

It’s completely safe and can help your profile immensely when you buy from a company like the ones mentioned on this list. Follow the tips to get more Instagram engagement alongside buying some Instagram likes, and you’ll see your popularity soar on the platform.

Happy growing!

Guest author: Johnny Pulling is a serial tech entrepreneur who has been living in Serbia for the past 12 years. Passions are crypto and growth hacking to help companies succeed online.

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