The Apprentice: Interview to a Kill – S16, ep 11

The Apprentice: Interview to a Kill – S16, ep 11

Warning: spoilers ahead

It’s interviews week and the candidates’ company strategies are about to go by a 4-stage shredding procedure: specifically Mike, Claudine, Linda and Claude.

Cue the montage of the Closing Four likely above their enterprise programs. Brittany reads via the prepare for her large protein alcoholic consume small business concept. “I’ve by no means penned a business enterprise prepare in my lifetime.” Oh no.

At 6am the next day, Brittany operate into just one of the bedrooms and leaps on Kathryn, enthusiastic about the day in advance. But the advisors’ task is to tear by all of the shortcomings and inconsistencies of the organization programs, and I’m not absolutely sure if she’s expecting any potholes.

Lord Sugar looks chipper as he greets the candidates: “If you’ve obtained any skeletons, this lot will discover them. Oh, just 1 far more issue. Claude is back” he rounds off with a large grin.

Here’s how each individual of the Closing 4 acquired on in the course of the interviews system.


“Can you inform me what style and design expertise you have?” Linda starts off. Regardless of stating so in her business enterprise system, it is unveiled Kathryn did not design the pyjama prints. Just then, Linda pulls out an identical set she’d uncovered from one more retailer.

In her next job interview, Kathryn is uncomfortably smiley, her ivories a protect versus the battalion. Claudine issues her on the ethics and the sustainability of importing produced garments from China, hundreds of miles absent. “I simply cannot reply that,” Kathryn admits.  

Her enterprise sells matching pyjamas for the complete spouse and children, including the pet. The organization will have types for summer time and wintertime collections. “That’s a hell of a lot of inventory,” scoffs Claude, who has worries about the expenditures. “More types, more complications.” He says her financial gain and loss forecast is difficult: “This is the rantings of a lunatic.”

Mike discovers that Kathryn hasn’t purchased the area name for her online pyjama store, In point, somebody else has purchased it: him. He’s also purchased the .com, .net and .british isles variations to eradicate any possibility of level of competition. “You’re seeking for a £250,000 expenditure in a web page you don’t individual,” he states. Nevertheless he does reward her the world-wide-web addresses.

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Mike pushes Brittany to reveal that she’s only at any time made her alcoholic protein drink at home. Fortunately, he’s had anyone make up a batch based mostly on the formulation in the enterprise strategy. He pours a glass for himself and Brittany, insisting she goes to start with. “Do you like the taste?” he asks the nervous candidate. “I like the style,” she replies, lacking some certainty. “I feel it’s chalky and really bitter” Mike says. “To have substantial protein, some individuals could not thoughts that the flavor is not undesirable sufficient not to obtain,” she tries.  

Mike presents Brittany with a person of his business designs and compares it to hers. “Can you location the distinction in organization options?” he issues. “I can place it straight absent,” she replies, dejected. She starts receiving teary. Mike reassures her that she’s done seriously effectively in the procedure and hands her a tissue.

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Linda details out that Brittany has no experience in health supplements or liquor. “I obtain clothes, but it does not make me a dressmaker,” she states. She also unveils that a products like hers was by now all over in the US and was established in 2008. “I haven’t heard of it ‘cos it ain’t a hit” she suggests.

Claude is “mystified” by Brittany’s business enterprise program. It doesn’t include important elements this sort of as a earnings and reduction forecast. The drink production prices are not in it, possibly. “Unless it is produced in your tub, someone’s likely to have to manufacture it,” he says. It gets even worse: “This is not a business enterprise plan – job interview terminated.” Ouch.


You really do not occur throughout as another person I would want to function with,” suggests Claudine, who is evidently the gentlest of the advisors. She points out off-placing statements in Harpreet’s business approach, with scorching can take these kinds of as “No thoughts ahead of 7pm”.

Claude pulls her up on the simple fact that she co-owns the dessert parlour with her sister, which the viewers haven’t been aware of up till this place. “It’s a lie,” Claude protests. “[Lord Sugar] has fulfilled you, he hasn’t satisfied your sister. One of you is superfluous.”

“Why has your advancement been so pedestrian?” asks Mike. Her program is to open a person a lot more keep for every 12 months. “You’re generating it up as you go alongside,” he says, receiving increasingly impatient.

Linda troubles her on what her distinctive providing level (USP) is. “Have you got a USP?” “The USP is me!” she chimes back. It is turning out to be significantly clear that prospects like to know a organization owner’s story, but it is not a USP. Find out if your USP stacks up at 3 checks to evaluate the energy of your USP.


The edge Stephanie’s second-hand outfits manufacturer has above eBay is authentication, so Mike assessments her with a designer children’s t-shirt. She claims that it is a phony and she will get it erroneous. She admits the authentication would be outsourced but Mike looks into the company she needs to perform with and discovers it only authenticates purses and shoes.

Linda reveals to the viewers that although Stephanie’s organization is new, she’s only sold 50 garments. Coupled with no manner encounter, it is rather a fear. Linda insists luxury second-hand children’s clothes is an exclusive small market place, but Stephanie disagrees, expressing it has a broader enchantment. “Thinking, hoping – it’s a pipe desire with no compound,” Linda states.

There’s a touching scene between Claudine and Stephanie, with the advisor telling her how a great deal much more personable she is when she allows her guard down. Stephanie demonstrates that she most likely could have enable her guard down additional in the course of the sequence.

Claude opens with a relatively extra sobering assertion: “Stephanie, you are going to have an not comfortable time with me.” With £160,000 in advertising, website improvement and authentication costs, he’s concerned that she’ll blow Lord Sugar’s expenditure before she’s even built a sale. “It’s not conservative, thoughtful or careful” he says.

“I’ll hardly ever concern an job interview at any time all over again,” sighs Stephanie at the close of a hard working day.

Advisory boardroom

The advisors occur to the boardroom to fulfill with Lord Sugar, Tim and Karren to focus on the job interview highlights. The Biggest Hits incorporate Brittany’s ‘glorified brochure’, Kathryn’s bold gain forecast, Harpreet’s co-owner revelation and Stephanie’s commence-up costing.

The penultimate

As in the interviews, the candidates are dealt with a person by one.

Kathryn: Lord Sugar suggests she will reduce his entire investment decision in two years. “China is off the agenda”, he declares, as she won’t be able to respond quickly to fluctuating stock.

Stephanie: He concerns who she’s utilizing for authentication and disagrees that you can analyse garments as a result of pics. He also feedback on her outrageous profits projections.

Harpreet: She wishes to scale up further than the cafe and kiosk she has at the second, assuring Lord Sugar that her sister would be prepared to action down from the company (whether or not the sister is aware of this is another make a difference).

Brittany: Lord Sugar advises Brittany to start off wherever she has some experience. He factors out when again that there’s no pricing for production in her business program.

Lord Sugar tells Brittany that she even now backs her have concepts, even when they are negative. “Good luck, rethink this” he reassures her as she leaves the boardroom.

Stephanie underestimated the complexity of her picked out business, in accordance to Lord Sugar. There’ a instant of trickery when he asks if Harpreet’s dessert small business will be Sugar-cost-free or not. But he turns to Stephanie and fires her. Tricksy.

So, it’s Harpreet and Kathryn in the final two.

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Next 7 days: Final

Kathryn and Harpreet will have a few times to start a organization. They should generate the branding, a digital billboard and Television advert and pitch it to Sugar himself. The fired candidates from this collection will of program be on hand to assist out the finalists. Sign up for us as we uncover the winner of The Apprentice 2022.

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