Empowering Your Insights: Introducing Domo’s Databricks ML Connector

Empowering Your Insights: Introducing Domo’s Databricks ML Connector

The Databricks ML Connector is the latest feature of Domo’s AI Model Management platform. It’s a straightforward but powerful way to connect your Databricks models directly within the Domo environment.

You’re bringing the model directly to your data in your existing secure environment. Your data doesn’t get exposed, and you’re protected from the risks associated with public models like ChatGPT and others. And you’ll be more confident in the output’s reliability and validity because you know how the model is being trained.  

Here’s the other benefit: Domo can build, train, and run models in your pre-existing, secure, and trusted environment. If you’ve already set the environment up, you won’t need to invest time and resources into building it again. This integration means you can now use your Databricks-developed AI models to enrich your operational data in Domo, turning complex algorithms into practical business insights easily and effectively.  

Domo’s full-stack data platform also makes it possible to connect your Databricks models to apps and solutions built inside Domo. These solutions, in turn, can make your business more efficient, productive, and creative by: 

  • Uncovering new insights that couldn’t be found through observation alone.
  • Answering questions you didn’t know to ask before. 
  • Making contextual recommendations on what to do next based on past performance.

Imagine the possibilities. For instance, you could use AI to improve how you support your customers or get better at predicting what’s going to happen in your market. You could make your daily operations run more smoothly and smartly, thanks to predictive analytics. All this can happen right within your Domo environment or your Databricks environment, making things easier for everyone involved. 

Bridging the gap: Data science meets business strategy 

AI technology is evolving fast, and new media stories seem to come out every day about new features, new start-ups, and new tools. Most of us are curious—but many of us are still waiting in the wings. We’re wondering when it’s the right moment to jump in, and how we can create business value through AI—not just an hour spared here and there.  

The Databricks ML Connector can be your starting point for applying AI to the real, pressing challenges your business faces—so that you can solve complex issues, optimize operations, and drive growth.

The good news is that we’ve made integration as frictionless and straightforward as possible, thanks to our easy-to-use interface. With every feature and product, our goal is to provide value to your business. The Databricks ML Connector does this by: 

Integrating models with your data 

This connector is all about letting your data and AI models work together cohesively. Now, you can host the models you’ve built and deployed in Databricks directly within your Domo environment, creating a more effective connection between your data and Databricks models.

By bringing these advanced models right to where your data lives, you enable powerful data analysis and insight generation within the secure Domo platform. 

Bridging the expertise gap 

The Databricks ML Connector plays a key role in connecting your data experts with other business areas. It removes the barriers that often keep data scientists’ work in the shadows, helping them better collaborate with data analysts and key decision-makers.

This means the valuable insights developed by data scientists become a central part of your business strategy, driving informed decisions and fostering a more data-driven culture. 

Enhancing and enriching your Databricks models 

With this connector, you can transform your Databricks models from standalone analytical tools into dynamic, integral parts of your business operations. Integrating these models with Domo makes them more accessible and actionable, ready to be applied in applications and solutions that drive your business forward.

You can also enrich your model with additional data that you can bring into Databricks through Domo, or expose the models to additional data that has been connected to Domo. This integration turns your models from theoretical concepts into practical, business-enhancing tools. 

Streamlining control and security 

You’re not just integrating powerful AI capabilities with the Databricks ML Connector; you’re also ensuring that these capabilities are governed by Domo’s trusted security and management protocols. This means you can manage and control your Databricks models with the same ease and security you’re accustomed to in Domo, ensuring data integrity and compliance. 

Providing flexible model management and deployment 

The connector creates a space for managing and deploying your Databricks models. It simplifies the complexities typically associated with AI model management, making it easier to train, deploy, and optimize your models. This streamlined approach means data scientists can focus more on innovation and less on the logistics of model management. 

Empowering data scientists  

The Databricks ML Connector empowers data scientists by providing them with the tools for authoring and versioning in Databricks. It also offers the flexibility to bring these models into a business context in Domo. This can help them translate their technical expertise into tangible business value, enhancing their role and impact within the organization. 

Try it out: Join the open beta 

Want to see how this could work for you? We’re inviting you to be among the first to explore the benefits of this integration. Join the open beta of the Databricks ML Connector by emailing us at [email protected]. It’s a chance to see firsthand how this tool can bring your data insights to a new level. You can keep up with Domo.AI’s beta releases here.