An Action Plan For Embracing Change

An Action Plan For Embracing Change

Advertising and marketing Podcast with Jason Feifer

An Action Plan For Embracing ChangeIn this episode of the Duct Tape Advertising Podcast, I interview Jason Feifer. Jason Feifer is the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine and the author of the book — Make for Tomorrow: An Action Approach for Embracing Alter, Adapting Quickly, and Long run-Proofing Your Occupation.

Critical Takeaway:

The moments of finest transform can also be the times of finest prospect. We practical experience transform in 4 phases. The 1st is worry. Then we adapt. Then we obtain a new usual. And then, at last, we attain the stage we could not have imagined in the beginning, the minute when we comprehend that we would not go back again. In this episode, I talk with the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine, Jason Feifer, about how to make modify come about on your have conditions.

Thoughts I request Jason Feifer:

  • [1:19] What does an editor-in-chief at a magazine actually do?
  • [3:23] Your e book is fundamentally about embracing adjust, and there are 4 phases. As I was looking at I observed stress and adaptation, and that form of reminded me how that is exactly what we have been undertaking these final two decades — ideal?
  •  [6:28] Would you say that when you study and write points you’re generally wanting to remedy the question – “where’s the insight in this?”
  • [10:30] You speak about the payoff for transform remaining – you wouldn’t go back. Could you explain that notion and then share what a would not go back again moment for you?
  •  [13:35] What would you say is just one of the biggest positive aspects of adjust?
  • [19:24] What do you imply by potential-proofing your occupation?
  •  [23:54] Wherever can persons link with you, find out extra about your operate, and seize a copy of your guide?

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