4 Best Ways Virtual Business Addresses Builds Credibility

4 Best Ways Virtual Business Addresses Builds Credibility

Do you own a business and find it challenging to earn the trust of potential customers because you do not have a physical office? In partnership with Alliance Virtual Offices, I’ve outlined some ways using virtual office locations and virtual business addresses can build credibility for your business.

Perhaps you are running an online business, or maybe you work from home. You give out your home address, but the response isn’t what you hoped. Maybe you’ve been told that you appear less professional because you are using your home address for official purposes. 

If you have been in this all-too-common situation, you understand the frustration of losing potential deals because you don’t have a verifiable or professional mailing address. So, what is the solution? 

The most effective answer to this challenge is having a virtual business address. It is especially useful if you don’t have the capital to get an office space in your chosen location or lack the funds to purchase office equipment and hire an office staff. 

Let’s cover what a virtual business address is, who needs a virtual office location, and ways a virtual business address can build your brand’s credibility.

What is a virtual business address?

A virtual business address, also known as a virtual office address or mailing address, is a real physical address at an office building or mail center that you can use for your business without needing to occupy that space physically. It is essentially a service that provides you with a professional-looking address in a desirable location, often a business district, even if you are working remotely or from home.

A virtual office address is different from a PO box because, unlike a PO box, you can register a business using your virtual business address. With this type of address, you can set up your physical business operations wherever you’d like and use the address for things like receiving mail, scanning mail, or arranging a pickup or collection if you live close by. 

You can select from thousands of virtual business locations in different countries to give your business a strong, professional market presence. 

Here’s how it works:

  • You rent the address from a virtual address provider. These providers offer various plans with different features and prices. Some may just offer the address itself, while others may also include services like mail scanning and forwarding, phone answering, and meeting room access.
  • The provider receives your mail and packages. You can then choose to have them scanned and uploaded to an online portal where you can view and manage them, or have them forwarded to you or another location.
  • You use the address for all your business needs. This includes things like registering your business, opening business accounts, marketing your business, and building a professional image.

4 Ways Virtual Business Addresses Helps Build Credibility

Ways virtual business addresses can build credibility

Every day, hundreds of new businesses spring up, but the sad reality is that not all of these businesses are legit. 

Many customers tend to be skeptical and avoid dealing with businesses that have no professional market presence. Most people prefer supporting genuine businesses they can trust. 

The following are ways a virtual business address can help build your brand’s credibility:

1. A virtual office location offers you a prime mailing address

A virtual business address gives you access to a dedicated mailing address for picking up mail and packages. It helps you appear professional because you can use the prime mailing address on your business cards, billing invoices, websites, email signatures, and other official documents. 

You can also use the mailing address when registering your business. Using a dedicated mailing address across different documents and official platforms creates uniformity, makes you seem more professional, and builds customers’ trust in your brand. 

2. It gives you an established presence in a precise location

One effective way a virtual business address helps build your credibility is by giving you an established presence in a location of your choice. 

If your business has many potential customers residing in a particular location, setting up a virtual office address around that location boosts your chances of increasing sales leads. 

Every potential customer wants a business they can relate with and what better way to gain your customers’ trust than to have a professional presence where they can reach out to you?

4 Ways Virtual Business Addresses Helps Build Credibility

3. It gives you access to facilities and services you get from a real office

By renting a virtual business address, you don’t just have a dedicated mailing address. 

You also have access to other standard office facilities such as office space for holding meetings, the ability to use a virtual receptionist, and more. These business services boost your business’s credibility. 

4. It improves social media and online presence

With a virtual business address, you can improve your brand presence on search engines like Google. Google can list your virtual business location and pin it to a map board for social media, which can give your social media account a professional and refined look. 

Potential customers residing near your business location can learn about your company because of proximity and “near me” searches—all due to a verifiable and professional business address.

Who needs a virtual business address?

Virtual business addresses serve as a critical step on the corporate property ladder for independent professionals, startups, and small businesses. 

In recent years, organizations with a distributed workforce strategy have witnessed a greater demand for virtual offices—and therefore virtual business addresses. Companies can provide a location where their employees from various sites can touch down and work whenever they are in a particular location.

A virtual office address is also beneficial for companies with a centralized head office that want to establish small virtual offices in several locations. It gives such companies a physical presence and offers a point of contact for suppliers and clients. 

How to set up a virtual business address

Now that you are fully aware of the numerous benefits a virtual business address offers, especially in building your brand’s credibility, let’s list the steps to setting up a virtual mailing address. 

How to set up a virtual business address

Step 1: Find a reliable virtual office location provider

Alliance Virtual Offices is one of the most effective virtual office solution providers that offer a virtual business address and other outstanding services such as telephone answering, office space, and more.

Step2: Select your preferred mailing address and physical location

There are over two thousand virtual business locations across different countries you can choose from.

Step 3: Select and customize your preferred service

Depending on your subscription plan, you can select different types of services, including mail forwarding, virtual receptionist services, bookable meeting spaces, and more.

Step 4: Purchase your subscription plan and register with the postal service

Once you have selected and purchased your preferred service, set up your address with the U.S. Postal Service.

Finding the best virtual business address

Finding the best virtual business address is subjective and depends on your specific needs and priorities. However, some key characteristics mark the best virtual business address service:

  • Extensive Location Coverage: Choose a provider with a wide range of addresses across your desired regions or even internationally. Look for at least 1000+ locations to ensure flexibility.
  • Professional Image: Opt for addresses in reputable business districts or prestigious locations that enhance your brand image.
  • Reliable Mail Handling: Ensure secure mail and package handling with options for scanning, forwarding, holding, and even shredding.
  • Convenient Management: Access your mail online through a user-friendly interface, manage forwarding settings, and track packages with ease.
  • Additional Services: Consider bonus features like virtual office services (phone answering, meeting rooms), business registration assistance, or global forwarding partnerships.
  • Needs Assessment: Identify your main needs, including desired address location, mail volume, forwarding frequency, budget, and any additional services you might require.
  • Pricing and Plans: Compare pricing plans across different providers, considering features offered at each tier. Look for transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Reputation and Reviews: Research the provider’s online reputation, read customer reviews, and check industry ratings for reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Security and Privacy: Ensure the provider uses secure protocols for data storage and transmission to protect your business information and mail.
  • Customer Support: Choose a provider with responsive and helpful customer support to address any questions or concerns you may have.

By following these steps and considering your specific needs, you can confidently select the virtual business address that best fits your requirements and elevates your professional presence.


Virtual business addresses can help improve your brand’s credibility and give your business the professionalism it deserves. Get a virtual office location today.