2 Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Generate Referrals

2 Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Generate Referrals

Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch

2 Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Generate ReferralsIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m doing the final part of a five-episode solo show series where I’m covering one of my favorite topics: referrals. You can catch the first episode, second episode, third episode, and fourth episode of the Referral Generation series here.

Key Takeaway:

In this episode, I’m wrapping up this Referral series and masterclass on Referral Generation. I cover the last two approaches that are particularly unique but have extremely potent potential: creating your own expert networking club and building a referral mastermind system. You can find the links to all 5 of the episodes below.

Topics I cover:

  • [1:38] The sixth approach is creating your own expert networking club
  • [2:59] Where strategic partners can fit into this idea
  • [3:25] An example success story from my newest book of how creating a networking group has worked extremely well for others
  • [4:51] Why creating a group like this is a commitment and a long-term strategy – it takes time for this approach to flourish
  • [7:43] The seventh approach is building a referral mastermind system
  • [8:39] Creating a monthly referral training for your clients
  • [9:26] Why this works particularly well if your clientele is B2B
  • [10:04] Teaching others how to generate more referrals leads to more referrals for your business – the law of reciprocity just happens

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